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Dear MPA members,

The wait is over!

We are excited to inform you that we have processed 100% of the Paypal re-purchase balances and that we will make the balance available to you on Monday (25th July).

The exact time of the release of funds will be announced on Monday. Please be on lookout for our announcement.

Key note:

Please be prepared for this. You will be allowed to transfer your Paypal balance to only one other payment processor (i.e you choose your preferred payment processor). Ensure you have decided where you want to allocate the balance.

My Paying Ads has always been leading and setting the industry standards. We are in the strongest position that we have ever been in. With the acquisition of the remaining PayPal balances we are about to enter a new growth phase.

Our position in the traffic, advertising and revenue sharing space has been cemented.

We are committed to ensure that we are providing our members with nothing but the best. We are working tirelessly to enhance our member satisfaction. Our desire for success is only matched by our quality member base.

We have a number of features, products and utilities in the pipeline. That will elevate us to the industry leader position. Watch this space! We are about to take over!


Thank you for yo

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HashOcean — Cloud Mining

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InstaGC other site great, if you ease with offers and surveys in ClixSense, you will earn money on that site as well.


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