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This will grow for you on autopilot using our team building structure. Every time you cycle you get 6 new
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1 cycle = $365 plus 6 new
2nd ($365 x 6) = $2,190 now 6 x 6 new = 36
3rd cycle ($365 x 36) = $13,140 now 36 x 6 = 216
4th time cycling ($365 x 216) = $78,840 now 216 x 6 = 1,296 new
Your 5th time cycling ($365 x 1,296) = $473,040.
You only need around 60 total members to cycle
out completely. When you have a team working together, and helping each other build, 60 is a very easy number to achieve.


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A group for likeminded advertisers. For the love of dunks and basketball.