Activate Roku Device using Link code
Activation steps
Once if you get the requirements start executing the steps below
1. To power up slide the power cable and switch your device on
2. Suggest you to wait until a Roku logo appear on your device screen
3. As you go forward with the settings option to connect your device to the network will be visible
3. If it is wireless, select it and type the wireless network credentials
4. Software download is automatic and will start once you connect the device to the network
5. Carry on with the onscreen settings and the Roku activation code will be visible on your device display screen
6. Make a note of the code and make sure that you do not use a wrong password
7. Start your Roku account login using the page and if you have an account sign in using the page
8. As you click on the page you will get a prompt to type the device linking code or activation code
9. Your streaming device will activate or link successfully
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