Clicking on commercials

It may not be a cost-effective variant, but it's the simplest job anyone can do, and the profit is very decent. You can earn between $ 200 and $ 400 per month for an hour or two work per day on working on registered sites.

You need to open an account on a proven PTC site, log on to your account daily, and click on all commercials.

As the best sites for this type of work, according to the recommendations of those concerned, transferred to the site ManiKonekšn stand out:

- ClixSense,

- InboxDollar,

- Traffic Monsson.

2. Online entry of the "Captcha" text

This is another easy way to make money that does not require much effort. The point is to type text from an image that has up to 10 characters. If you work four hours a day, you can earn up to $ 400 per month.

Try one of these sites and start making money right away.

- MegaTypers,

- ProTypers,

- Captcha2Cash.