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There are thousands upon thousands of top online games on your PC at your fingertips. A few simple clicks with bring tonnes of websites for you to scroll through. As you scroll through them, you’ll try find the ones you may like. How long will it take you to find a good one? How much time are you willing to waste before you find a good online game that you will want to spend the rest of your day playing? Well, here we are to help. We have a good bunch of online games that you will want to play for free!

1. Riddle Transfer 2

This online free game is back, and better than before. Remember Riddle Transfer or Riddle School? Well, this top sequel is a continuation of the first game, only created five years later. You will need to get yourself out, but how will you do it? This crazy fun adventure game is available for you to play on your PC, as well as your smartphone. You begin this online game in the sewers with your friends and you simply have to find a way to escape. Click around the room for clues to find the way to progress through the game. Be logical and methodical to get yourself out! Click all around the room to find the way to get out or you may be stuck there forever.

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2. MOTO X3M 2

Do you love a top racing game? Us, too! Play Moto X3M 2 now on your PC for free. This energetic racing online game will have you performing some insane tricks to see how many points you can get. Blast your motorbike up and over mud hills to gain as much flight so you can show us your best backflip. Drive your motocross as fast as you can to get to the finish line to score all the stars. While you play the game online, you can save your progress to your PC so you can come back whenever. Good, right? We know how hard you will have worked in this top game, so you won’t want to restart! Now, come and show us your double backflip!

3. Resort Empire

If you’re into creating your own insanely cool empire (and happen to love hotels?) then this is the best online game for you. Play this game now for free on your PC and build the resort of your dreams. Have it literally any way you want, but make sure you are keeping your guests happy otherwise you’ll go bankrupt. This online game is super fun, and one of our top games that you’ll never want to stop playing. Build yourself some rooms; add in some janitors as well; get a swimming pool and you’re good to go! Just think, what would you want to have in a resort you’d visit? Would you like a sauna? If so, just buy one! Want a delicious restaurant? Easy. Gift shop for your guests? Go wild! This is your resort, your way, for free!

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4. Grindcraft

You’ve probably heard of Minecraft, the free online sandbox game where you can literally do whatever you want. Create whatever you want, make your own village, do whatever; there are no specific rules or aims in the game for your PC. It’s a completely open-world online game with incredibly recognisable and distinguishable 3D graphics. Grindcraft is a somewhat pared down version of the main game. To play, you have four options to begin building your world: overworld, mine, food, and mobs. Overworld is wood, water, dirt - things found overground. Mine is stone, ores, lava - things found underground when mining. Food is sugarcane, wheat, and other crops. Mobs are things you need to kill: animals, zombies, and other groups of things ready to attack you. As you obtain wood, stone, water, ores, and everything else, you can begin to craft and make things with these supplies and begin to build up your village. The more you have, the more complex objects and supplies you can create. Build up your world, however you like, in this free click-and-point top online game.

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5. Feed Us

If you’re looking for something bloody, brutal, and brilliant, then look no further. Feed Us is the top free online game where you play as a flesh hungry piranha and your aim is to devour as many humans as possible in the alloted time. While playing on your PC, use your mouse to swipe and attack those unassuming humans who are just taking a nice leisurely swim in the sea. Jump up to hit their boat so they fall into your water and then go at them as hard as you can. This top online game is incredibly graphic, but incredibly fun and satisfying, too - if you like this kind of stuff. Play it now and get as much blood as you can to progress to the next level.

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6. Extreme Pamplona

Smash your way through these incredibly fun, fast-paced levels all over the world escaping a crazed pursuer in this top online free game. Whether it’s a copper in Britain, or a Oktoberfest barmaid in Germany, you must escape them to progress to the next level. This top wild online game will have you sweating as you run, jump, and slide through the levels. While playing, get yourself over obstacles in any possible way so you can get through to the end of the level. This online game is available for you to play on your PC so get your fingers ready on those arrow keys to get away as quickly as possible. Outsmart those pesky chasers by confusing them anyway you can. Enjoy this free top game online now!

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