Best 2 player adventure games for pc - all games are free to play

Have you ever seen Adventure games absent on game websites?
It never happens, right? Since the first adventure games released in the 1970s, this genre of game has grabbed many people’s attention. Adventure games have gradually made amazing progress. Not only the graphics change but the adventure games have also become more diverse. Big names like Life is strange or Story Untold have proved the success of this genre. However, there is a type of adventure games is not for PC but it’s still appealing because of the entertainment and simplicity of its play - it is adventure games on browsers. And we can’t forget regarding two-player adventure flash games for playing online. These two-player games not only are attractive because it requires a combination of two people. The interactive capability entices the player. And here is a list of unblocked adventure 2 player games that will make you believe in the vitality of flash games.

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1. Fireboy and Watergirl

Perhaps the biggest name in the flash adventure game for 2 players is Fireboy and Watergirl. This is not an easy game, because this game needs great coordination between the two players. Each door has different challenges. You should think carefully before making any move. You have to remember, are you Fireboy or Watergirl to not fall into a deadly trap. If you're a little careless, you'll have to play that stage again. With the beautiful graphics and the increasing variety after each version, Fireboy and Watergirl is becoming a formidable opponent for any game. All versions of this game are free to play and they will satisfy you in a different way.

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2. Zombie Mission

Like Fireboy and Watergirl, the two players in Zombie Mission will play as a man and a girl going through countless stages to survive while the whole world is destroyed by zombies. But if Fireboy and Watergirl focuses on ingenuity to avoid the deadly traps, then Zombie Mission focuses on the style of action games. You will have to face many challenges against zombies. Strong zombies may frighten you. But don’t worry, because the mutual help between the two players, as well as the system of weapons and items giant, will help you overcome. Like many flash games Zombie Mission is unblocked and free to play. This adventure game is really fun because of the two-player style as well as the variety of item challenges.

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3. Mighty Knight 2

Like the quote in the game: 2 is better than 1. You can completely play Mighty Knight 2 alone, but you should invite a friend to experience all the fun of this online game. Inheriting the values of the previous version, the Mighty Knight 2 still brings fighting and exploring style. Since playing alone really requires a lot of time to win this stunning adventure game, a friend will be all you need to make the game more fun and more comfortable to play. Each stage has monsters with different strengths. So if you are looking for some good unblocked games for 2 players, then Mighty Knight 2 is worth a try. You and your friends can discover new lands together.

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The development of the PC game is undeniable, but not so that the flash game loses its value. The three adventure games above will prove that.

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