Setup your protection on your PC/MAC
Step By Step Instructions On How To Download And Setup Your Protection

1.An account is needed to access all of your Norton products and services.

2.vist the url from the device that you want to download and setup protection with any of the Surfing site Weather You Have Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer,Google Chrome,Safari Browser e.t.c.

3.Create A New Account With Norton At sign with your account.

4.In the next task it will ask you to enter your product key which you have purchased from local store or online.

5.Now Your Are Ready to download and setup your protection via Download the Setup,if its a new PC/Mac or Laptop it will ask you to save the file and if you have a old Pc/Mac or Laptop it will ask you to run the file.

6.Let The File to be installed as per the system requirements After the Complete Installation Run The Scan.

7.For Future Prefrence,you can manage your norton service, subscribe and products from your norton account.