Discover new free movie apps for streaming in 2018

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Today, thanks to app developers, watching free movies on the phone has become so popular. Lots of people enjoy this trend because it brings the same experience as watching movies in the cinema right on Android devices. No need to download films and transfer to mobile. The movie player apps are built with the convenience of streaming every movie available in its database. Here are some suggestions of free movie apps in 2018 so you can refer and find the suitable app for yourself.

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TeaTV is a comparatively new streaming movie app, but with an attractive interface and doesn’t take up much space, so its execution on the device is not affected. App developers keep updating new content, making the app's collection always rich and users never feel lacking in movies to help them to relax.

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MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD - as the name suggests, this app brings a series of great movies with HD quality. It also provides viewers with diverse categories and a huge movie collection along with a smooth interface. Another noteworthy point is that the app is quite easy to use in both regards to the downloads as well as watching online.

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Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is an excellent app that can not be missed when hunting for free streaming movie apps. Clear crystal sound quality along with HD movie quality is one of the most striking features of this app. The Terrarium TV app makes people satisfied - especially those who like watching movies and TV shows on the road. Besides, the app has a great collection of content.

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Watching movies online on phones and tablets is a favorite online activity of most people as it helps them relax after a stressful and exhausting workday. Thanks to these apps, people can watch any movies they like without charges.