Hottest Free Online Art Games Ever - Girls Should Not Miss Now

People often refer to online games for boys, but now our girls have become an inspiration for game developers to create free online games. Art games are these online games for all ages and genders, especially girls and boys who love art and want to spend their free time improving their artistic skills. Based on the expanded features of some today's online art games, girls and boys are free to draw, color or graft their favorite subject, such as cartoon characters and lovely animals.

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Here are some of the best free online games for girls:

1. Bear Family Coloring

A bear family had a long trip and took some pictures of the family. You are assigned to make it lively and colorful to make that moment meaningful. The game offers a range of colors that you can use to create a completed and perfect picture. With the talented drawing skills of the gamers, especially the kids, the lovely bear family will become more alive than ever!

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The game is highly praised though plot games are elementary. The girls just choose the color for the entire painting. However, the game developers of the art games have really delivered the ideal environment to help children improve creativities and relax after their study hours. Art is everything that girls like a lot and an online game will help them do what they love in the fun and fast way!

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2. Decorate a Friend

Have you ever imagined how close your buddies would look in wild costumes? This dream can come true now in Decorate a Friend. Let's choose a representative picture of your friend from the menu and let your imagination run free to get creative! These art games will offer a variety of exotic and strange images, styles and colors to help our girls create exquisite and fun artwork. In particular, you will have thousands of choices for batty backgrounds, with luscious outfits and funny accessories when someone tries to combine them into a complete picture. Your buddy's photo will be cut out and taken to portray the image you have decorated. Let's try to create several shabby clothes but get the best laughs from our friends!

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3. Princess Art School

Are your little girls a barbie princess fan? If so, let them try playing Princess Art School right away! This is one of the most lovely online art games for girls! Our princess starts a new day at her famous art school. You need to help this busy princess decide and choose which drawing to use for her upcoming class. The game will give you a selection of drawings and provide a basic color scheme for girls to color them. After completing the required drawings, you also have to help the princess one more time - create a cute outfit inspired by the design drawings available in these free online art games.

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