It s Back to highschool time! which additionally means that back to the likelihood of head lice. Yuck!

Head lice happen once folks take in confined areas. colleges are the proper location for infestations and here we tend to are at the start of a protracted faculty year! some reasons head lice are unhealthy in colleges...

Reason #1: Children's jackets and back packs are jam-pawncked along on very little pegs or in piles giving lice an ideal path to new victims.

Reason #2: Younger students lounge on the ground or in bean luggage throughout Story Time. These very little monsters either crawl from head to go or exist watching for the subsequent Story Time targets.

Reason #3: Older children play sports and share head gear, helmets, and instrumentation. Yes, middle colleges are currently rife with head lice!

Reason #4: Selfies. Yes, Selfies - wherever children place their heads along to snap a photograph. It's sort of a head lice superhighway! Seriously, teenagers are the quickest growing phase of the population with infestations due to Selfies. For more info visit