Subtitling Rates and its importance
Subtitles are the text format of video footage, that is usually displayed on the bottom of a screen and sometimes displayed on the top. Depending on the viewers’ language, the subtitles can either be in the form of written translation of a dialog in other languages or written rendering of the dialog in the same language. It also exists in two forms - open subtitles where the text that is set by default for all and it “cannot be turned off” by the viewer; closed subtitles it is designed for a particular set of audience, depending on the viewer’s comfort it “can be turned on/off”.

People mostly confuse subtitle with captioning, but both are completely different. As subtitles are the text alternative to the dialog spoken by characters,Subtitling services narrators and other vocal participants in the screen. On the other hand, captioning not only provides text alternative to the dialog but also include relevant parts of the soundtrack - such as describing the background noises, phones ringing and other audio cue that needs description.
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