At the moment the bear is really going on in Seoland. RevierPhones are ringing everywhere, the Omclub Party is just around the corner, Seo Tools are being given away , Google celebrates its 20th birthday and throws around with colorful balls and then the static search for garbage - because of all the action, I hardly know where it is Upside down. So it fits well into the picture that we have something to celebrate here. We can finally solve the SEO prediction game from 2019.

After a long run-up, a wild up and down in the serps, dubious Russian links and weird keyword filters, the site finally managed to climb the Google Top 10 for the keyword Seo. The first well-wishers have already been given, now all that is missing is the announcement of the winner of our guessing game and the decision as to which price it should be. I am still waiting for feedback from a possible victory candidate. But I don't want to rule out that there will be a surprise winner.

Incidentally,it should be noted that in today's fast-moving Google world, tomorrow's place can be history again. However, I hope that SEO will continue to go in the right direction - of course upwards, step by step.

Post wrtten by Sam Cherry from