Current Issues in Indian Politics – Including India Against Corruption, Caste, and Religion

With all the changes going on at the moment, are you wondering to yourself what the state of Indian politics is right now? With all the politicians, media channels, and not to mention your friends and family taking various points of view, things can get a little confusing. And while there is no clear answer, three of the biggest factors in Indian politics are India Against Corruption movement, the ruling BJP Party, and the impact of Caste and religious politics.

What is India Against Corruption?

In order to understand current affairs in India, it’s important to go back a few years and look at India against corruption (IAC) movement. There were enormous anti-corruption protests during 2011 and 2012. This was concerning the much publicized Jan Lokpal bill, which looked to reduce the level of corruption and allow transparent investigations to take place following legitimate allegations of corruption.
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