Recycle old motorcycle helmets

Like human beings, motorcycle helmets also age and retire. But old motorcycle helmets are not as lucky as old humans. Some will be thrown into trash boxes. Some are luckier, they will be hung around the house or left alone somewhere in a corner. How sad it could be! If your helmets also have feelings like humans, it is like the feeling of one who can not speak, can not hear, or can not see anything. Put yourself in their shoes and think?
Moreover, when you recycle your old helmets, you are helping to protect the environment. You help to reduce the trash released into nature, thus, the government will save money paid for waste disposal. One more benefit of this task is that it will help you to reduce stress.
I searched on the internet to get some ideas, and you know I did get some, but not all of them worked for me. I recorded all the successful methods and I also invented some of those. Believe this task is so much fun! If you are a creative person, so you are really gonna be hooked on it. It doesn't take much time, just one hour for a work. Before you begin, read this article first: