knows all the information and procedures of purchasing and buying property. Something that you will not clearly know. They will see if there is something irregular about the sale, and they will put a stop to it, as soon as possible.
They have the experience and knowledge to ensure that you are only getting what you want. No nasty surprises along the way. You will know for sure that everything is legit
Legal assistants will know how a standard real estate contract looks
If this is the first time that you are purchasing or selling the property, then you might not know what a normal real estate contract looks like and what info you need to have included being able to purchase the property.
You don’t want to find out weeks later, that because of a fault, you are going to lose your home. This isn’t something that anyone wants to find out. This is why you should talk to someone that knows how a standard real estate contract might look like. Everything will be legit and in your best interest.