Origins: As normally happens with a lot of cat breeds, the origins of Russian blue cats are rather blurry and unclear, often embellished with more legends than facts. One of the latter, even goes in terms of to claim these cats were the widely accepted pets of Russian Czars prior to the Russian revolution. The state version, though, goes which they originated around the Archangel Isles in Russia and were eventually introduced in Britain within the 1860s where these folks were exhibited on the Crystal Palace as Archangel cats, also called Spanish blue or foreign blue. The then so-called Archangel cat soon caught on both in the UK and Scandinavia where it was renamed Russian blue and actively bred until Wwii. These folks were officially declared a whole new breed in 1912 from the Cat Fancy Society, to avoid confusion with British Blue cats. From your 1940s on, they were also crossed with Siamese cats and once in USA, These blue coloured cats were also developed until a fresh breed was created. These cats are actually referred to as Modern Russian Blue cats. Physical description: With regards to their physical appearance, Russian Blue cats are well