Setting up the Belkin Wi-Fi Range Extender wirelessly (+1-888-223-8982 Toll Free)

Setting up the Belkin router can be easily done through two ways. You can simply use the Setup CD or installation that came along with the router and through the built-in web-based setup page of the router.
This blog from will assist you on “how to setup your Belkin router using an Android™ smartphone/tablet.”
QUICK TIP: Ensure that the router and modem are properly plugged in to power outlet and Ethernet cables are connected properly.
Connecting the Android tablet or smartphone
• On the Android smartphone/tablet, click “Settings” then click over “Wireless and Networks.”
• Click over your SSID (wireless network name) and type the wireless password.
• Tap Join.
Setting up the Belkin router
• On the preferred web browser, type “” and click on “Search.”
• On the “Let’s connect to the Internet page”, click over the “Detect my connection.”
NOTE: The router will soon establish and check the connection then further it will look for the firmware updates.
• After the connection is properly established, enter the preferred Network Name and the Password. Then click over the Save and Continue option. After changing network name and the password, you