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How DIY Cleaning Puts Your Windows At Risk

Your goal is to get clear and spotless windows, not to end up with repair or replacement bill due to damages made. However, the latter is unfortunately the case with most DIY window cleaning projects. The task may look simple when the professionals do it, but, without the DIYer having the requisite skills an equipment for the task, there's plenty of dangers that lay ahead. These are from mistakes made during the cleaning including:

Using harsh cleaners
Those detergents and all-purpose cleaners that are used all around the house may be efficient in dissolving the greasy soiling on the various surfaces, but when it comes to the windows they can end up etching the glass. The chances of this are heightened when using cleaners that are too acidic, perhaps because you want to remove stubborn spots from the window. These can corrode the frames and screens. Ideally, windows should be cleaned with pure water that has undergone complete distillation to remove any trace of contaminants and mineral salts. However, when it comes to those situations like there are oxidation marks on the glass, there are specialised window cleaning products that have been designed for the task. Relying on conventional household products can result in more harm than good.

Cleaning with hard water
Back to the importance of pure water. The ordinary supply from the mains comes with mineral salts dissolved in it. When the window is washed and rinsed, then let to dry, these salts will be deposited on the glass. This is worse when the region is supplied with hard water, as the concentration of the deposits increases. This results in unsightly windows, ruining the quality of the results.

Using too much pressure
More pressure doesn't equal more thorough results- especially when it comes to windows. Sure, this is effective when you’re using power washer to get rid of the dirt and grime on your patio, roofs, sidewalks and driveways. However, applying the same pressures to the windows can damage the seals and shatter the glass. The sudden gush of water will also flood the building, adding to your troubles. The damaged seals are responsible for the frustrating foggy-effect in double and triple-panned windows. In fact, in this case the seal doesn`t have to be completely ruined for it to occur. A leak that`s as small as a needle's tip will let air into the space in between the panes. This air comes with moisture, which condenses and reduces the window's visibility. Getting this fixed can cost you as much as 85% the price of a new window.

You`re Also At Risk
For those upper floor windows, be it in high-rise apartments, office complexes or storied mansions, the DIYer may choose to use a ladder. Consider what's at stake. As if caring around the cleaning solutions and tools wasn`t tiresome, you'll be doing this as you climb up and down a ladder, concentrating on keeping your footing so as to retain your balance. Then, when you get to the area you want to attend to, you may need to stretch out as you scrub the window, especially when reaching out to those far corners of the window. Any tilt of the ladder, any misstep that causes uneven weight distribution, and you could have a fall accident. The resultant injury can range from mere sprains and bruises, to concussions and fractured limbs.

There are also health risks when it comes to the cleaning products. Harsh chemicals that react with the window frames, screens and surrounding structures, or react with the grime itself, can release toxic fumes that end up being inhaled. Others, such as the home-made solutions containing isopropanol, don`t even have to react, as they naturally release the fumes into the immediate environment, putting yourself and the persons on the premises at risk.

You can jump through hoops, use loads of cleaning solution and spend plenty of time on the windows, and still end up with unsatisfactory results. Complaints about streaks and smears on the glass surface, soapy films that were formed, plus dirt spots that didn't effectively come off are common. These are caused by the inappropriate measures being taken. Scratches can also form, especially in cases where the DIYer uses hard bristle brushes, to turning to household tools like razor bale and putty knives in an attempt to scrape off the stuck-on gunk. Even a simple oversight like not rinsing the window fast enough will cause it to dry with the cleaning solutions still on it, resulting in rapid resoiling. This is not the outcome you desire. Call in our professional crew to ensure you get quality results delivered in moments.