Lingo Bus Online Chinese 1-on-1 classes are 25-minute 1-on-1 classes designed for kids age 5-12 years old. Our classes apply 100% immersive online teaching model with engaging teaching materials and activities focusing on students. This learning model encourages children to learn Chinese in a fun way to achieve “Real Chinese, Real fun”.
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To improve students’ growth, Lingo Bus developed a complete learning circle online. Each 1-on-1 class includes an engaging preview video before taking the class and review materials after class. Lingo Bus also built a comprehensive evaluation system, which includes personalized feedback after each class and progress reports sent periodically to ensure each child’s progress. Combined together, this class is designed to ensure a students’ positive language growth and personalized education.

All of our learning materials are self-developed by Chinese education experts. Our language goals are designed in accordance with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and the Youth Chinese Test (YCT) language standards. In our lessons we put a strong focus on cultural awareness through the activities and themes we use in our curriculum.

Online children mandarin chinese learning courses overview | Lingo Bus

Our online children mandarin chinese learning language courses are designed to meet the 5 Cs, our curriculum framework is structured and designed in accordance with ACTFL and YCT.