How to select an appropriate Bridgestone Tyre for your vehicle?

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Bridgestone Tyres is a Japanese tyre manufacturing company that is considered as the world’s largest manufacturer

The company has a rich history of production of cross-ply, radial, and diverse varieties of tyres to meet the requirements of your vehicle. Ranging from Seasonal tyres to terrain tyres, Bridgestone group imparts an excellent collection of car tyres, 4x4 tyres, commercial tyres, and sports tyres, etc. 

According to statistics of July 2018, Bridgestone has 181 production facilities in more than 20 countries. Also, a variety of carmakers like AUDI, Ferrari, BMW, Volkswagen use Bridgestone as an original equipment tyre for their cars.

Here are some of the best Bridgestone Tyres in the market

DriveGuard Winter

DriveGuard by Bridgestone Tyres is an excellent ultra-performance winter tyre to tackle icy roads and hilly areas laden with snow. Also, it is supported by the run-flat technology to help you drive smoothly up to 50 miles after a puncture occurs. 

  • Reinforced sidewalls to enhance mobility and resist damages against kerbs and abrasions
  • Temperature cooling fins to prevent any heat build-up in events of air-loss
  • Slanted groove patterns for improved snow traction and handling

Turanza T005

Turanza T005 is an ultra-high-performance summer tyre built with specialised tread and unique grooves to maintain superior stability on both dry and wet roads. Also, its symmetric tread pattern helps to maintain a dynamic handling and effective cornering even at high speeds.

  • Stiff polyester reinforcement to reduce the rolling resistance and limit the carbon emissions
  • High-silica tread compound and Nanotechnology to ensure optimum wet gripping
  • Connected shoulder blocks to disperse water and shorten the braking distances

Dueler H/P Sport

H/P Sport by Bridgestone is a wonderful SUV and 4x4 tyre that comes with a high-speed rating to help your vehicle maintain balance and agility even at high speeds. Moreover, its lateral grooves help to disperse the water and prevent hydroplaning as well.

  • Run-flat technology to help you drive up to 50 miles after a puncture occurs
  • Rim protectors to resist any kerb damages and abrasions
  • Connected shoulder blocks to enhance handling and steering response on wet road surfaces

How to select?

  • In case you need to drive comfortably on diverse terrains and road conditions, Bridgestone’s weather collection tyres online can help you. Also, their all-weather compound can provide your car with the required traction and high-speed rating to drive smoothly without any trouble.
  • If you desire excellent sports performance and straight-line stability while driving, the Dueler series by Bridgestone will become a beneficial choice for you. Also, a variety of Dueler tyres come with high-speed stability and cooling fins to prevent any heat dissipation.
  • DriveGuard will be an excellent choice for your car if you desire uninterrupted driving comfort and traction while driving. A majority of DriveGuard tyres come with self-supporting seal to help you drive up to 50 miles after a puncture occurs.
  • In case you own a standard hatchback or crossover, Bridgestone Ecopia can help you to reduce external tyre noises, lower the carbon emissions, short braking distances, etc. Moreover, the Ecopia series is known to elevate your driving standards to the next level.
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