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You dont need to invest thousands of dollars. You can start with 100 usd.

Announcement: WEENZEE in the Philippines: schedule for February!
Many events await us all in February: meetings with investors, project participants and leaders! In the Philippines, several events are also planned in the cities of Iloilo City, Davao City, Cebu City. Save the schedule and join the business platform WEENZEE!

Announcement: First TableTalk in Kisaran City - February 1!
Be the first one - come to the meeting with our leaders in Kisaran City! Participants will learn how to start managing a crypto market, how to create their own team and how to make money in the WEENZEE project. The event will be held at the Caffein Coffee Shop at 7:30 pm.

Announcement: Educational seminar in Martapura - January 31!
Hot news for everyone who wants to attend a free event from WEENZEE! Very soon, the leader Deddy Indrawan will visit this city to talk about the blockchain, and also to offer you unique conditions for joining the WEENZEE team! Knowledge and opportunities for earning are waiting for you!

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  • A group for likeminded. WEENZEE is a brand new crypto currency high yield investment program. Making around 1% profit + WNZ bonus every day. High tech AI and professional leadership growing a giant network through Asia. This opportunity is no joke. Get in asap. Stable income for many years to come. Watch the video today https://weenzee.com/WR1A6358F5D