iOS 14 Picture in Picture Feature Blocked for Free YouTube Users

The recently released iOS 14 touted one feature that allowed users to experience picture in picture on YouTube. However, the streaming company has blocked it unless you pay and unlock YouTube Premium.

Users report that YouTube in Safari blocks the PiP feature unless you’re a Premium subscriber. However, picture in picture mode works if they’re embedded. Also, Picture in Picture works for iPad users regardless of whether they’re using a Premium or free account.

In its beta version the Picture in Picture mode was fully functional even with a free YouTube account. Currently, the PiP mode only has issues on the YouTube platform.

At this point it’s unclear if YouTube intended it as such or if it’s a bug. Both Apple and Google have not released a statement yet, but it’s possible that YouTube will want to have this feature as a special option for paying subscribers. But the fact that it’s working without issues on the iPad suggest otherwise.

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