Seven Best Remote Work Apps

For some people, remote work is a dream format, a long-awaited panacea for stress and imbalance. But in some cases it is an involuntary measure because of unforeseen circumstances – like a forced quarantine.

Building communication, which would be naturally formed in the office, self-discipline, planning of the working day, task management, performance control. The lack of a familiar environment will require a new approach to solving almost any task. For today’s selection we have chosen applications, which, in our opinion, are the best in their kind and help to achieve maximum efficiency in this or that business.

Phased and illustrative progress of projects: Trello

This is one of the most popular services for online project management, which allows you to track each stage of the task. The system uses Japanese kanban-board methodology, dividing tasks into planned, current and completed. Each item can be divided into sub-items, accompanied by comments, links and files. Trello has a simple interface, almost unlimited free access to all functions, there is a possibility of integration with other applications – for example, the deadlines installed in Trello, will be visible in Google Calendar as well.

Billing: Shoeboxed

For those who perform tasks outside the office and are afraid of making a mistake when billing, Shoeboxed will be an indispensable assistant. Even if you are not a professional in the handling of documents, do not worry – nobody will notice it: the application makes accounting not so complicated and stressful process. With this tool you can send invoices to your customers, evaluate receipts and payments. Which, by the way, are accepted even from payment cards! In addition, the platform has a single control panel, so that all accounting operations will remain under control.

Productivity and self-discipline: Monitask

Many people who move to a “remote location” have difficulties with time management. This is quite natural. Often at home there are too many distractions that prevent you from focusing on your work task. In addition, in contrast to the office, there is no clear 8-hour working day, which means that there is a risk that its boundaries will be completely erased. A simple and accessible employee monitoring software can solve the problem. This approach increases productivity and motivation, and helps to maintain the necessary balance of work and rest. The timer works online in a browser, so it does not need to be installed on your computer.

Communication: Viber

Convenient application, which in addition to fast messaging offers many additional options for effective business communication. Common chats, for example, allow you to deliver information to all team members at the same time, and the function of group video calls – to organize a real virtual conference. There are also audio conferences, in which up to 20 people can participate.

Viber also has a solution for employees working remotely from different countries. With Viber Out IP Telephony service, you can call city and mobile numbers around the world (even if you are not registered with Viber) for just nine dollars a month. In addition, the messenger has a desktop version, which means that users can view documents on a large screen. If you send a link to a document uploaded to the cloud, you can easily find it in the future, because Viber differentiates the files sent in chat rooms by type.

Working with files: Dropbox

Many people are familiar with the file storage, which allows the team to work on them together and discuss changes in comments. An indispensable service for remote work, where all the necessary documents will be stored and instantly synchronized. You can even send files to those who do not have a Dropbox account. 2 GB is free of charge, but the storage capacity can be expanded either by inviting friends (500 Mb for each registered by referral link) or by buying the Pro version ($10 per month, up to 1 TB), which provides even greater opportunities for file management and collaboration. The service has mobile and desktop applications.

To-do lists: Evernote

Notepad, organizer and log in one application. If you need a separate space only for a list of cases, select Evernote and make no mistake! It is convenient to organize everything recorded, as well as mark the completed tasks. Here you can add photos, images, web pages, audio – and then quickly find it when you need it. In addition, the application allows you to scan handwritten notes. Everything you typed during calls to colleagues or partners will be transferred to the phone, and then synchronized with other devices if necessary.

Remote connection: TeamViewer

Remote access allows you to connect to your work computer with another device from virtually anywhere. It is useful for those who are often away from the office, yj needs actual corporate information, wants to have prompt access to all servers and disks. TeamViewer is one of the most popular remote connection programs. With its help, you can work on a remote desktop or show your desktop to colleagues if necessary. The home version is free, in other cases you need to purchase a license for corporations.

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