What is CSGO Prime and Ranked Smurf account?

Initially released in the year 1999, as simply “Counter-Strike”, CSGO hasn’t had a single day without at least 100,000 users monthly. That’s an understatement. As of recently, there were about 20 million of them in a single month! 

Two teams, namely terrorists and counter-terrorists are pitted against each other in a battle to the death. The terrorists can win by successfully planting and detonating a bomb; the counter-terrorists can win by successfully finding and defusing the bomb. One other way to win is to eliminate the enemy team entirely. You start off with a basic account which can then be upgraded to prime.

What is CSGO prime?

CSGO Prrime Accounts is thee way of giving you premium benefits at a certain cost or condition. By paying a fee of $14.99, anyone can unlock special status on their accounts. The condition on the other hand is to reach Level 21, and you will get it for free. Being a prime player has multiple benefits, for example: 

● Prevents cheating and fraud, and therefore enhances game play

● Better match-making options 

● Exclusive skins, weapons, costumes, weapon cases, and Souvenirs

● Better And Experienced opponents as well as Teammates.

What is CS:GO Smurf Account :

A CSGO Smurf Account is an alternate account. It is made by the experienced players to easily win when against weaker opponents. It also helps in practicing your skills and advancing the gameplay of the player in myriad ways. Any player can have a prime account as well as a smurf account on the side to play with. They come in all ranks and the user may choose an account of whatever rank they desire to play with.

Benefits of Smurf Accounts –

With a smurf account, one can see the different perspectives this game has to offer at different levels and ranks. As the games have 40 levels, and 18 ranks to attain, many people don’t have the time or energy to wait until they reach where they want to. Hence, they go for smurf accounts. There are countless benefits to having a smurf account as well, such as: 

● Play in any skill group without attaining the rank.

● This way, even if you lose, it will not affect your actual rating from your original account.

● Help in bettering the gameplay for yourself and sometimes others too

● You can either choose to pick a low-level account or a high-level account, depending on how you want to experiment with the game.


There are many games out there. You choose from a thousand different types and genres, but few can stand up to giants like CSGO. Why? No game is special without its community; a community of players just like you. If you haven’t yet played this game do give it a try! There’s a whole new experience waiting for you out there! 

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