Actionable Microsoft Tips – Adding Voice to PowerPoint

Today, when we are creating or editing a PowerPoint document, instead of just adding some words content, and images into the file, we may want to make the content more lively and vivid. Some people would like to add videos into their PowerPoint documents, and some would prefer to add voice narration for making the content to be more vivid and easier-to-understand. 

It is easy to add a video to PowerPoint and most of you may know how to do it. But what about recording voice and add it to your PowerPoint? Have you tried this before? If not, don’t worry! This review will guide you step-by-step to add voice to Microsoft PowerPoint. Now, let’s get started!

Preparation Before Adding Voice to PowerPoint

Before recording and adding voice to the PowerPoint document, you would need to set some preparations for making the best effect. 

1. You need to prepare a microphone for recording your voice. After connecting the microphone, you should test it and adjust the volume for making sure the voice can be recorded into PowerPoint with the best quality.

2. Before starting to record the voice for PowerPoint, you’d better practice it for making yourself to have the best condition as well. You can write a script and follow it to practice more times in advance.

3. Create a folder to save both your PowerPoint file and the recordings together. Because during the process when you record and add voice to PowerPoint, the audio files would also be created and regarded as parts of the PowerPoint. So it would be more convenient for you to contain them in one same folder for managing.

Start Adding Voice to PowerPoint on Windows

It would be simple to add voice to PowerPoint because Microsoft PowerPoint has provided such a function for people to use freely. Here are the simple steps to guide you on how to add voice to the slides in a PowerPoint document easily with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

Step 1. Open PowerPoint and you can directly go to the “Slide Show” menu for clicking “Record Narration”, then the window will pop up.

Step 2. Before recording, you can go to “Select Microphone Level” to check if the volume is suitable for listening. Also, in “Change Quality” you can select the quality for the audio files you are going to record.

Step 3. In the “Record Narration” window, check the “Link Narrations I” option when every time you need to start recording the voice for adding to PowerPoint.

Step 4. Now you can start recording voice for adding into the PowerPoint document with your connected microphone.

Step 5. When the recording completes, remember to check it back and finally also click “Save” to finish adding voice to the PowerPoint document.

If you have saved the PowerPoint document when you find that the recording of the file is not perfect, you can select an exact section that you are not satisfied with and then record the voice again for replacing the original content you have saved before. Just do the same process to record the voice again and when you click the Escape key, PowerPoint will ask you whether you want to save the changes that have made to the document. After clicking yes, your PowerPoint will be changed with the latest voice recordings.

Some people may also want to add voice to other types of documents to make the content to be more lively and vivid, such as the PDF documents. But a pity is that the only PowerPoint has this feature to add a voice into the content. So if you want to add voice to PDF as well, you can make use of PDF to PPT converter and add voice to the PowerPoint document following the tutorial above.


Instead of using simple words and images, today people pay much attention to improve the interaction of their presenting content such as the PowerPoint files. So adding voice to PowerPoint should be a skill that we need to learn for use in work and study. Hope this tutorial can bring you help.

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