IPXO Presents A New Sustainable Way to Reuse IPv4 Addresses!

IPXO is a newly launched company, working as an integrated marketplace for reusing and reallocating IP resources. Since the beginning of the scarcity of IPv4 resources, it was an obvious plan globally to launch a mainstream platform where all the buyers, owners can get a scope of communication.

About IPXO

Throughout the world, we have seen a prolonged issue regarding IPv4 reallocation and its availability. Especially, there was an unusual act where the top ISPs, big companies captured most of the IPs. As a result, people like you get into massive trouble in asking for IP resources. Though there is a lot of availability of IPv4, we didn’t have any common place where we could manage and exchange these.

As IPXO started its journey as the world’s first IP address marketplace, professionals have got more reliability and flexibility in buying, leasing IPs. IPXO brings an enormous bunch of features that show how we should monetize the unused IP resources by leasing. Though it is a framework of Heficed, it carries its own way to grow as a distributed business identity. IPXO keeps a plan of equipping with modern traits including delegated RPKI (Resource Public Key Infrastructure), WHOIS, reputation monitor, open API, etc.

IP lease

It includes the filter subnets by RIR (Regional Internet Registry) or CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing). Besides, there are available automated LOAs and ROAs. Meanwhile, you will get access to the reassigning to any network.

IP monetize

It starts with importing the subnets along with Letter of Authorization (LOA) or Route Origin Authorizations (ROA). Besides, you can set the subnet prices by yourself while it ends up earning.

IP marketplace

IP marketplace is here to help us in monetizing all of the available and unused IP addresses meanwhile mitigating the shortage of IPv4. Therefore, if you need IP space, then you will have enormous facilities in leasing it. Besides, it’s a great platform that wants to bring their unused IPs for reallocations.

It has been predicted that more than 41 billion IoT (Internet of Things) devices will be available within 2027. As a result, these will take many IPs so that we need fast-paced progress to mitigate this risk. To evolve and reshape the network infrastructure, we need a specialized platform that can measure the real-time data, IoT-based devices, crucial data speed, etc. These factors can help your business through its full potential.

IPXO and IPv4

It serves as the foundation of reusing the IPv4 addresses all over the world. Meanwhile, these addresses or resources bring unique information to exchange and get connected between servers & internet-empowered devices. Besides, when you want to switch the IPs from IPv4 to IPv6, the IPv4 will become dormant.

As a result, these resources stay inactive along with waiting for reallocations. Now, the question is why we cannot properly rely on IPv6 development. Well, it produces double-bit addresses than IPv4 along with unique address sequences.

Only 30% of all internet-based networks are using IPv6. Besides, using both IPs may not bring you success as maintaining both requires much expense. Meanwhile, it is also a slower process than average cases.

Any alternative way?

Besides, many experts have presented their insights that an IPv4 resource can be open to the public and can cover a certain range of customers. Still, it can produce more expense on your sheet. As a result, these new and innovative ideas were turned unnecessary due to a lot of maintenance and technical requirements.

Therefore, there are fewer sustainable ideas like IPXO, which can serve as a good solution to the millions of dormant IPv4 addresses. The CEO of Heficed and IPXO, Vincentus Grinius believes in the easy process that should be made and open for the public. They want to incentivize the ISPs or other business modules who are having limitless but unassigned IPv4 resources.

As a result, it will be made easier to bring them into the market so that people from any organization will have the option to lease and monetize the IPs. From the thought, they started to take actions that resulted in IPXO.

Final Words!

In this advanced era, things such as the IPXO marketplace were badly needed. It has totally circulated the traditional way that concluded miscommunication and lack of a common platform. Besides, you are getting the allowance to monetize and lease your dedicated IP resources within a short period.

Therefore, the reusing ability of IPXO has brought up the rate of IP resource sustainability. Meanwhile, it indicates the gateway of having a secured transaction and leasing process than ever indeed.

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