How E-Commerce Marketers Can Use Custom Stickers to Boost Their Brand Visibility

Traditionally speaking, e-commerce marketing means digital advertising in the form of social media posts and promotions.

Businesses shouldn’t, however, dismiss custom stickers to get more brand visibility. Here are # ways to use them for your future online marketing campaigns.

Your Brand in a Sticker

Stickers are the perfect medium for hosting your brand image or logo. The good thing about stickers is that you can put it anywhere- a laptop computer, on the floor or on the wall, among others.

To get an edge in visibility and increase traffic you can add your social media handle or page so people can easily locate your products on the internet.

Give Them Away

Custom stickers are walking advertisements when people put them in their favorite items. They’re not perceived as endorsements but rather as a gift or a freebie.

E-commerce marketers can incorporate them into online campaigns in a variety of ways- as a gift for signing up or as a bonus item whenever they buy something on your website, for example. They’re semi-permanent and provide immense marketing value.

Add a Catchy Slogan

Custom stickers are doubly effective in terms when you add a catchy phrase or slogan, as people tend to remember these things and associate it to a brand.

When opting for customized stickers printing – CustomSticker, consider coming up with a clever one so you can boost engagement. In some cases it’s better than just putting in your website URL or your social media handles.

Stick on Product Packaging

Aside from having your logo printed on the packaging box or plastic you can also print customized brand stickers and affix them to cups, bags and more.

It’s easy to raise visibility simply by having more of your brand sticker on items and places. Put them in your workplace, equipment and packaging to boost visibility and get more visitor count.

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