Overcoming three common recruiter challenges with recruitment software

There are undoubtedly heaps of challenges in recruitment. Consequently, recruitment software is instrumental in the way a recruiter and his teamwork. The right CRM software can help conquer some of the most common challenges affecting the employment industry.

Here we attempt to explain how robust recruitment software is the technology partner that agencies need to pursue a better form of digital recruiting. The following are three typical challenges afflicting the staffing agency and their recruiters.

1.  Devoting too much time awaiting the perfect candidate

While it is perfectly understandable that recruiters want a list of perfect candidates to show hiring companies, it can be disadvantageous if they spend too much time looking for the best candidates.

It is extremely difficult to attain the perfect candidate. So, investing time in combing through hundreds of CVs and social media profiles and preliminary interviews might be pointless. Rather, it is more sensible to search for a candidate who is the best fit for the role.

Recruitment software is the tool to help find and filter suitable applicants. It helps sift through the copious amounts of CVs. It also helps manage candidate data and social media information better.

2.   Not doing enough to build better candidate experience

Candidate experience is often overlooked by many recruiters. But staffing agencies must ensure that their recruiters are taking care to improve and build a good hiring experience for all the candidates. This includes those who do not make it to the final round of the interview.  A robust communication structure must be in place to assure a good candidate experience.

It is an important aspect of recruiting. Regular communication, timely updates, interview feedbacks – these play into forming the candidate experience. And recruiters must note that a candidate’s good encounter with a recruiter and the hiring process is invaluable. They can serve as great brand value for the agency and the recruiter.

So recruiters must pay attention to their communication system. Using recruitment software CRM helps automate all communication as well as keep everything organised and accessible for future use. The same candidate will be happy to recommend others to use the agency’s services or utilise their service themselves when they need it next.

3. Too little attention to building a strong company brand

There’s a lot of competition in the market over the top talent. The best job seekers are in high demand. So, how does a recruiter ensure that it is their services that an applicant chooses over someone else’s?

A strong market presence or company brand can be priceless. It can help candidates decide to choose one agency over another. A recruiter’s work is to match an individual with a job role – the closer the match, the better.

Therefore, recruiters must work hard to provide great service and ensure strong communication with everyone. This drives a positive brand reinforcement. Recruitment CRM software has features that support and boost teamwork, better interaction with candidates, quick and quality work, etc. Using the right recruitment software will foster a valuable company brand.

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