4 Ways to Market Your Youtube Channel

It’s easy to create your own YouTube channel. However, growing it is a different matter altogether.

Simply creating YouTube videos is not enough. You’ll need to market it to your target audience with these 4 ways:

Make It Search Visible

Google is now putting YouTube at the forefront of its search discovery, and channels must utilize this optimization if they want to become more visible.

To improve your chances of landing at the front page, fill out the description and titles section, and mention the appropriate keywords somewhere in the video.

Kickstart with YouTube Views

View count can mean the difference between a visitor passing over and him or her watching your video in its entirety. The reasoning is this- if a YouTube video has hundreds or thousands of views then it must be entertaining.

To this end you can buy YouTube views from a reputable source to get the views rolling. As the content gains ground it can show up on people’s feed and generate more views.

Run a Promotion

People love free stuff, and running a giveaway or contest every now and then will spark your audiences’ interest.

The promotion doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Keep it simple- whenever a visitor comments or subscribes to a video you made, you give away something for free.

Ask People to Share and Subscribe

It may sound simple but having a CTA, or a call to action at the end works, regardless of industry, niche or brand.

People are more likely to do the action you want when you tell them to. If they’re entertained or learned something new then it gives them an extra push to share your video to others or hit the ‘subscribe’ button.

Call to actions are usually found at the end of the video. Don’t make them an afterthought, and keep it short and straight to the point.

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