The most liked and sold gaming mouse of all time, the Deathadder is an ergonomically designed wireless gaming mouse with its dominance over other gaming equipment with its swift and controlled moves.

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Product Review Of Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro

Razor Hyperspeed Wireless

Faster than other gaming technology, the DeathAdder optimizes the data protocol and sends ultra-fast radio frequency, which transmits data from the mouse to the PC at an alarming rate, giving the mouse its feature of having the lowest click latency.

Controlled use of power is maintained to keep up the charge of the mouse even after heavy usage. It is a reliable mouse piece because of its stability, even in a noisy data-saturated environment.

Redefining Precision with Intelligence

The 20k DPI optical sensor with a resolution accuracy percentage of 99.6 for improved performance is a feature, on the whole, another level. The smart tracker on Deathadderthe allows it to automatically calibrate when the mouse is switched from one surface to another.

The old sensors on the mouse needed to be manually calibrated, which hinders the progress of the games. But the DeathAdder makes sure that the lift-off distance and the accuracy are always consistent.

 2nd Generation Razor optical Mouse Switch

Actuation is the speed at which the data is transferred from the mouse when a click is made. What more can a gamer want than actuation at the speed of light? The Deathadder comes with an advanced mouse switch which is an upgrade from the traditional mouse.

When a click is made, the infrared lights are attracted by the mouse to send electrical signals to the PC, which results in the actuation, which is achieved within 0.2 milliseconds.

70 Million Clicks

The DeathAdder comes with a guaranteed 70 million clicks, which means you will have all the time with you to play your heart out. As there is no mechanical contact for transferring the signals, the mouse cannot afford excess wear and tear.

Long Battery Life

The ergonomically designed wireless gaming mouse has not one but three ways of connection to charge the battery. The maximum battery life the DeathAdder can have is 120 hours.

That is via Bluetooth for maximum usage, charging wire Hyperspeed for low latency mode for up to 70 hours, and using the Razor Speedflex cable to charge and play while plugged in without any interference in the game.  

Finely Tuned Scroll

The mouse’s scroll is perfectly tuned for a smooth grip and easy traction on the surface, which also makes it feel very light to use. Now you can do all the actions which require a scroll wheel, such as bunny hop or finding or using weaponry with butter-smooth strokes.

Other Advanced Features

The DeathAdder v2 Pro comes with many other smart features such as the left and right-side rubber grips for secured swipes, 100% PTFE mouse feet for slick movement at any surface, and charging compatibility with Razor mouse dock Chroma.

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