What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model where the seller does not possess an inventory, stock, or warehouse for storing the items he is selling. Instead, the seller takes products from the merchant or deals with the merchant, who sends over the specific product to the customer directly. There is minimum handling by the seller itself.

In the dropshipping business model, the seller sometimes makes more money for certain products as compared to the merchant. Marketing is more often used in online business than for local markets. Sellers sometimes justify their dropshipping model by comparing the cost they are spending on marketing versus a very small portion or none being spent by local merchants.

So the question arises here:

Is Dropshipping scam or legit?

Like every other matter of dispute, some aspects support drop shipping to be categorized as a conceit, but some arguments favor it.

For example :

Not everyone wants to buy from the local merchant

Yeah, you read it right. Internet users don’t know about local stores; they usually don’t know about the products these stores are selling.

While on the Internet, some good reviews, a flavor of advertisement with the perseverance of a few years can make a seller a popular brand. Everyone will want to buy from a well-known one rather than an anonymous one. As long as the quality is good, dropshipping can help you create a fortune.

Dropshipping owners earn good money just being a middle man

This will be an illogical, base-less hypothesis to assume that dropshipping business owners do nothing and get paid. Dropshipping owners choose their niche.

Their job demands selecting the relevant products, checking the quality of those products, and dealing with the merchant. Moreover, they deal with customer’s complaints and demands as well, provide online customer service. They stay up-to-date with the eCommerce market’s new policies and are always learning new skills to stay in the business.

Scammers are using drop shipping as part of their scam scheme.

The usual scam scheme by Scammers involves buying a website already used one mainly, then recreating the images and videos of the products.

 In the world of the Internet, everyone understands how easy it is to download an image from other sites, edit it a bit and upload it on your website as your own. Then they advertise their products excessively via their fake Facebook or Instagram page. Few users get tricked into ordering some products from them.

They send either the worst quality products or, if the payment has been sent online already, they won’t bother even sending the product. As quickly they get noticed by aggressive advertisements, they are lost in the Internet world as well, because of bad reviews or scams. You know, lies don’t last long.

Final thoughts – Dropshipping as a potential business model:

Despite the presence of many loopholes, it can be looked up as a great way to start up with minimum handling. You won’t need to deal with manufacturing or sending the products over by yourself. You can make it as automatic as you want. Just you need to enhance your marketing and patience skills for the first few years; then,stay in business it will be rewarding for you.

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