How To Sell On Facebook MarketPlace

The concept of the Facebook marketplace originated in 2007. It was a C2C perspective, in which the active Facebook users posted categorized advertisements in the sell, job, and housing sections. However, the selling feature of Facebook gained massive popularity with its brand new “Buy and Sell Groups”. A minimum of 450 Million active users started buying and selling in these groups. 

In this way, the Facebook marketplace has established its way for merchant selling. With more than 2 Billion active users, this marketplace’s business individuals can sell their products directly to a massive number of customers.

In this article, you would learn the basics of doing business on Facebook Marketplace.

Basics Of Starting Business Via Facebook Marketplace

The marketing world has simultaneously started its multi-channel approach. As customers are switching to eCommerce shopping, traders feel the necessity of beginning businesses at various places.

An example of one such business platform is Facebook Marketplace. It ensures the ability to make more significant revenue with at least 2 Billion interactions every month.

What Is The Definition Of A Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a valuable platform for business marketers to trade their products to a massive base of specified target customers. Via this platform, more than 80 million customers can discover products and buy them based on category, selling price, and location.

Method Of Functioning Of Facebook Marketplace

The Checkout feature of Facebook Marketplace, introduced in 2019, enables the buying and selling facilities to eCommerce buyers and sellers. Buyers can directly buy from this marketplace. Hence, the traders are reaching more customers and earning revenues.

To start your business via the Facebook marketplace, all you need to do is setting up a personalized business account. You can create this on Commerce Manager. First of all, set up an eCommerce shop, then list your items, and initiate selling.

Products That Are Allowed To Sell Via Facebook Marketplace

There are various listing categories on Facebook Marketplace. These are:

  • Industrial and Commerce products
  • Beauty and Healthcare products
  • Garments and Accessories
  • Hardware and Furniture
  • Art crafts and Entertainment
  • House and Gardening equipment
  • Electronic products and Software
  • Baby products, Toys, Sporting products, and Games
  • Food items and Beverages
  • Camera and related equipment.
  • Industrial and Trading items.
  • Office items, Bags, and Luggage
  • Vehicle and Supplementary parts

Regulations And Principles Of Facebook Marketplace

Before starting your business via the Facebook marketplace, you would have to know about specific regulations and principles.

  1. Some items are prohibited from selling or buying via a Facebook marketplace, such as event tickets, alcohol, services, adult items, animals, etc.
  2. You can only sell physical products. Posts, jokes, news aren’t considered as sellable products.
  3. Before-and-after photographs of products are not allowed for Advertisement.This is especially applicable for weight loss products.
  4. The description of a product must match its photograph.

Why You Can Consider Facebook Marketplace For eCommerce Business

Before starting a business via the Facebook marketplace, you should think about specific considerations. This would assist you in making the right decision.

Facts You Should Consider

  1. Communication: The fundamental key for earning revenue from the Facebook marketplace is Communication. You should be ready to interact with your buyers about your merchandise.
  2. Shipping within time: The orders placed on the Facebook marketplace must be shipped within a maximum of 3 days and received within seven days. Easyship can assist you with quicker deliveries.
  3. Partnered eCommerce Platform: Facebook marketplace has a partnership with certain eCommerce platforms. These are BigCommerce, CommerceHub, Shopify, Quip, and Zentail, etc. Check whether yourvenue is any of these.

Advantages Of Using Facebook Marketplace For Your E-commerce Business

There are a lot of advantages to trading via Facebook Marketplace. These are:

  • With the Facebook marketplace, you can extend your customer reach to more than 2.5 Billion.
  • You can personalize the target audience and sell relevant merchandise to specific customers.
  • Via Facebook marketplace, you can connect to many customers, and you can sell directly to them.
  • Setting up a Facebook shop is accessible. You can list your items in whatever way you want.

Payments And Fees Of Facebook Marketplace

There are two types of payments and fees on the Facebook marketplace. These are – Chargeback fee and the Selling fee. The selling fee is the revenue earned, and the Chargeback fee is the price charged to you for any disputed product you have sold to your customer.

Most Popular Items You Can Sell On Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace’s best selling items are Furniture, Accessories, laptops, Vehicles, Yard tools, baby products, outdoor decors, etc.

Tips And Tricks For Selling On Facebook Marketplace

Following are some beneficial tips that would assist you in getting more revenue on the Facebook marketplace.

  1. The product photographs that you are advertising with should be of high quality.
  2. Give honest and proper descriptions that refer to the advantages of your products to the buyer.
  3. Include keywords that describe the products to optimize your product listings.
  4. Respond promptly to your customers’ messages, queries, and concerns.
  5. Boost your revenues by using Facebook advertising tools.

How Easyship Can Assist You For Selling On Facebook Marketplace

Easyship can assist you in doing most portions of the shipping procedures to ship products to your buyers as soon as possible. Easyship has a massive network of more than 250 couriers in various locations. Moreover, you would get access to 70% discounts. All you need to do is sign up for a personalized account on Easyship.

This is the way to start a business via Facebook Marketplace. First of all, set up an eCommerce shop, then list your items, and initiate selling. The fundamental key for earning revenue from the Facebook marketplace is Communication. You can personalize the target audience and sell relevant merchandise to specific customers. Besides, the simplest way is to partner with cost-efficient shipping companies via Facebook Marketplace.

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