10 Fun Things You Can Do with a TV Projector

Your tv projector can do way more than just show you a movie on a big screen with bright lights. Tv projectors are pretty big investments, so you should get as much out of them as you possibly can. To help you in that quest, we’ve outlined ten fun ideas for you to try out. These will help you get the most out of your projector as well as broaden the scope of its use.

10. Holiday Projections

Whether you’re decorating for Halloween or Christmas, projectors are great at putting on a light display or showing a graphic that helps get everyone in the mood.

9. Light Show with Music

Want to have a backyard dance party that people will remember? Using your big screen and bright lights, dazzle them with a projector-based light show along with accompanying music.

8. Zoom Conferencing

Take your Zoom conferencing to the next level – or at least on a more human scale – and use your projector as a stand-in for your monitor.

7. Storytime with Kids

Want to have an interactive story time with the kids? There are tons of apps and videos online to help you make storytime a more immersive experience from a multimedia standpoint. The best part about this is that, as you read, your projector helps get the audience into the mood of the story and embellishes the action you narrate.

6. Ceiling Projection for Better Sleep

There’s nothing cooler than a projector putting up a design on your ceiling and it might even be able to help with your sleep, too. From apps to videos to noise makers, using your projector as a way you sleep is a new and novel way of using it though it relies upon pretty tried-and-true tactics such as white noise and soft lights.

5. Projector Games

Did you know you can use your projector to help you play board games? From those that require the use of an accompanying multimedia element to computer games on the big screen, take family night to the next level with your big screen projector.

4. Art Display

Ever thought of putting up a screen saver for your wall? Turn your projector into an easel for displaying art and add a touch of elegance to your living space.

3. Video Games on the Big Screen

Do you like your video games big, loud, and on as large a screen as possible? A projector is a cost-effective way of getting the bright lights and big sound that draws you into the action.

2. Online Education

Want to make your room into a classroom? This might help with the online education trend dominating right now as a projector can give your children or yourself the immersion needed to stay focused and on task.

1. Movie Night

This might go without saying but a projector is perfect for family movie night or you could invite some friends over for a nice dinner and a film after.

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