How IoT & AI Are Changing Construction Sites Forever

Construction is one of the oldest industries in the world. It’s been around for centuries and has evolved to meet new demands and challenges.

Today, construction sites are more advanced than ever with new technology that will change how this industry grows into the future. IoT & AI are two leading technologies that are changing things in the construction industry.

These technologies are used to monitor everything from materials used, the time needed for a project and even the safety of workers. In this post, we will look at four ways that IoT and AI are changing construction sites forever.

Less human labor required

Construction sites are typically labor-intensive and time-consuming work. The heavy lifting and manual labor required to complete projects can take a toll on workers’ bodies and their time. However, IoT & AI are changing this because they allow for more automation in the workplace–which means less work put towards these tasks by humans.

For example, AI will enable robots to take over functions that were previously done manually, such as pouring concrete slabs or carrying heavy tools from one place to another. This not only reduces worker fatigue; it saves companies money as well because there’s no need to hire additional help or pay overtime wages.

These technologies are not only used in performing manual tasks. For example, architects also use AI to design and create buildings with minimal human intervention. This technology, which is only beginning to be explored in the construction industry, will significantly impact design and building projects.

Increased safety

Construction sites are prone to accidents and injuries, but many accidents can be prevented with the implementation of IoT devices throughout a construction site. Safety is an essential aspect for both workers and their employers because it prevents them from incurring unnecessary costs in lost productivity or even death.

Nowadays, safety is not all about having speed bumps on the site and wearing reflector jackets. Construction sites are now becoming safer as contractors can monitor their workers through wearable devices that monitor their safety.

For example, a worker can be alerted about dangerous chemicals with an IoT device that detects these substances in the air or on surfaces. With these innovative technologies, there will be fewer injuries and less downtime for repair work when accidents happen.

There has been no more remarkable revolution in safety than what has come about from IoT & AI technologies.

Increased productivity

The companies that implement these technologies are safer; they also tend to have higher levels of output. For example, if employees don’t need to carry heavy tools across long distances between sites on the job site, production rates will increase while errors drop significantly.

Thus, the future of construction is where innovative technology will make jobs safer and more efficient for workers and employers alike.

Improved monitoring of job sites

With the help of IoT, construction sites can be monitored remotely through sensors placed on equipment like cranes, trucks, and power generators.

These sensors can collect data and send information back to computers where teams monitor activity from their office desks. This kind of remote monitoring can help reduce the number of accidents on job sites by alerting workers to potential hazards before they occur.

Furthermore, this technology will also make it easier for construction managers and supervisors to keep a close eye on productivity levels throughout their workforce.

This, in turn, leads to more accurate accounting because all employees are accounted for at any given time, and there is no need for physical labor sheets or other archaic forms of data tracking that were once necessary.

For example, if an employee falls off the side of a building’s scaffolding while installing siding, then that worker could be saved from injury with the quick response time afforded them by remotely monitored equipment sensors like vibration detectors installed at strategic points around the construction site.

Final thoughts

There are only a handful of construction companies that have been using IoT or AI for their sites, but it’s something they all want to stay competitive as things change.

With these two technologies combined, construction will be safer and more efficient than ever before, but we will also see a shift from expensive manual labor to automated machinery that can save millions each year when implemented correctly.

This is just one example of how important this technology is becoming for builders everywhere, so if you’re in this industry and haven’t adopted it, it’s time you did.

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