Reasons You Should Hire A Fire Watch Guard

‘Prevention is better than cure’; ‘Caution is not cowardly. Carelessness is not courage; ‘A year’s care, a minute’s ruin.’ We all must have heard these famous proverbs on being cautious. But how many of us actually abide by them? Very few, I assume. This carelessness is often witnessed in the business of commercial fields, where people often forget that a business can reach the heights of success only when it is planned, executed, and operated efficiently & vigilantly. Nothing should be left unchecked when it comes to efficiency.

However, there are certain circumstances where even being efficient wouldn’t be of any help. One of such situations is an unexpected & unplanned FIRE. There can be many reasons that might cause a fire in the workplace such as on commercial sites; there are present many potential inflammable material, several types of equipment, electricity supply on a regular basis.

These fires have the tendency to destroy a business. To avert any such situation, one needs a good fire alarm system and a few fire watch guards. These two must be considered as a “must-have” for every big/small business.

What do fire watch guards do?

Fire guards are some professed individuals who have been trained specifically to detect and prevent any fire hazard on a property.

According to the NFPA or the National Fire Protection Association, a reliable fire watch service company is the one that provides the following services.

  • Regular patrolling of the area to detect any fire threats before it’s too late.
  • Compiling data regarding any inflammatory substance/equipment present on the worksite.
  • Checking for fire monitoring equipment, functionality, and condition.
  • Immediate access to contact the fire department and management if any sign of fire is noticed.

Some Common Sources of Fire:

  1. Chemical & Gases- Industries involving the use of chemicals and gases on a large scale are mostly at risk. Storing gases and chemicals temporarily or permanently without proper safety can be proved to be hazardous.
  2. Trash & Cigarettes- Most of the labourers working in industries are prone to smoking. Leaving the leftover of cigarettes near a substance that can catch fire easily, such as paper, chemicals, etc., can be a reason to initiate a huge destructive fire.
  • Faulty electrical wiring- Electrical fires are very common. Lines overheating, improper wiring, and short circuits can induce fire very easily.

Why hire Fire Watch Guards?

Hiring fire watch guards can be beneficial to you in several ways, such as:

  1. They can prevent as well as limit the damage to your property/site by early detection & rapid action.
  2. Their routine work includes maintaining logs for evidence that might be required by local officials and insurance companies.
  3. In situations like water interruption and downed or uninstalled fire alarm systems, Fire Watch guards can be of huge help.
  4. They make sure that there must not occur any causality or loss of life to workers or visitors on the work of place.
  5. If the fire grows out of control, Fire watch guards will immediately contact the fire department for help. They also maintain good contact with their clients to inform them about the situations from time to time.


To summarize, hiring a fire watch guard will never be a waste of time and money as it will save you a lot many other things apart from money. Always remember that their work and their presence reduce the risk of damage. As they are well-trained individuals, they assure that the safety of your property & the lives of your workers is in their safe hands.

So, never forget that being preventious will never do a harm to you.

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