Coinovy collaborates with IBAN to accelerates your transaction worldwide

Efficient processing systems are needed with the growing cross-border transactions worldwide. This is where an international bank account number (IBAN) plays the role, being a standard international numbering system that was created for the identification of an abroad bank account. The IBAN sequence starts with a country code of two letters, followed by two check numbers, and up to 30 alphanumeric characters. IBAN will only give more information to assist foreign transfers. IBAN does not replace the account numbers of a bank. The basic bank account number for these alphanumeric characters is (BBAN). The bank association of each nation is responsible for determining which BBAN they are to use as the standard for the bank accounts of that country. However, IBAN is used only by European banks, although the practice in other nations is gaining popularity. An IBAN is used to make interbank transfers or wire money, notably across international borders from one bank to another. To prevent mistakes and enhance cross-border checks, IBAN was established to reduce rejected payments, transfer delays, and related bank penalties and costs.

Coinovy has launched an integrated IBAN wallet that enables clients to send Fiat Money via banking and swap it to cryptocurrency and vice versa in their digital wallet easily. Both IOS and Android devices will have new functionality. An IBAN account is a unique wallet in the platform that allows you to swap your fiat currency for Cryptocurrency, and vice versa. Coinovy has enabled money to be sent directly to the application by simultaneously increasing digital payments and crypto-wallets. The account will get traditional money and allows third-party exchanges for fiat cryptography to be circumvented. This International Bank account provides the transfer of funds from any part of the world into Coinovy Wallet and allows it to function in over 150 countries across the world. The IBAN can consist of up to 34 alphanumeric characters. This is prefaced by two characters of the country code, followed by two check numbers and an alphanumeric BBAN (Basic Bank Account Number), with bank and account data. The BBAN component is different in format from nation to country, generally including a bank code and branch code. This gives the Coinovy platform an added advantage.

Many banks don’t allow the purchase of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using their credit cards. Therefore, making a purchase via bank accounts is long and time taking. Cryptocurrencies are new, and the infrastructure for most institutions to deal with that process is not in place yet hence why there’s a need for another option to buy Bitcoin. If you want to buy bitcoins in a simple and trustworthy way, you need a method that enables you to do so with ease. That’s where Coinovy comes in to solve this issue. You just need a Coinovy account, and it provides you with an IBAN to handle your crypto transactions. This gives you ease to purchase bitcoins and trade across borders without problems.

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