9 Ways Corporate Clothing Gives Your Brand Identity a Boost

Have you ever walked around in a store and needed assistance? It may be difficult to find an employee if they’re all dressed in different clothes. As a customer, it can be frustrating! One of the greatest advocates for corporate shirts is employee identity.

Having all your staff dressed the same makes it easy for customers to find them in a store full of people. Here are nine ways corporate clothing can boost your brand identity.

The Benefits of Corporate Clothing for Your Brand

In addition to employee identity, business shirts and other types of corporate clothing also have extensive benefits to your brand. Designing your brand on paper is one thing, but it’s the employees who ultimately make the brand come alive.

Let’s look at a few of the most common ways your brand can benefit from corporate clothing.

Creates a Reliable Company Image

Branded shirts are so much more than everyone looking the same. Corporate clothing turns employees into ambassadors for your brand. What’s more, well-dressed employees create a reliable image for your organisation.

 When your employees are dressed well your customers may feel as though they’re in a professional environment. To some degree, it gives current and potential customers the sense that all their transactions and queries will be addressed professionally.

Gives Company Employees Presence

Corporate uniforms are a crucial way to identify staff from customers. This is especially important in restaurants and retail outlets where a customer requires assistance to order or finalise a transaction.

Increased Brand Advertising

Corporate clothing has been labelled one the most effective ways to advertise a company, product or service. This is because your company name is seen by everyone who looks at your employees’ shirts.

Think of all the places your employee goes during their lunch hour or in their commute to and from work. When customers see your employee on the train every day, it creates brand familiarity. In essence, your employees are walking billboards!

Enhances Consumers Perceived Trust

Consumers place belief in a brand or business by how recognisable the brand is. Constant exposure to the brand makes it easier for consumers to build a trusting relationship with the organisation.

A potential customer develops a level of trust in a business if they’re constantly exposed to it. Seeing the logo on a billboard or shirt every day enhances familiarity. Ultimately, brand awareness will lead to an increase in sales and revenues.

Conveys Brand Stability and Longevity

Many companies enter the market only to disappear a few months later. With this “come and go” culture, it’s often difficult for a customer to develop faith in a new business.

Corporate clothing creates a long term impression to all potential customers who see it. It implies that the business is there to stay. A potential customer will have the opinion that a company is serious about sticking around if they’ve gone as far as outfitting their employees with corporate clothing.

Creates a Sense of Unity with Employees

Having all an establishment’s employees dressed the same promotes a sense of equality. Corporate uniforms tell potential customers that all employees are equal.

It also implies that employees work toward the same common goal, which is customer service. Since corporate wear enhances employee morale, it boosts productivity.

Employees become proud to advocate the brand they work for and see it as “their” brand. It’ll be much easier for them to pass this enthusiasm onto customers.

Identifies the Brand from the Competition

With so many businesses competing for the same customer, organisations have to take every step to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Service, product and advertising are only a few steps to do this. Another simple way is by letting your staff wear corporate, branded clothing. Having your staff look professional is a quick way to differentiate them from their competitors.

Creates Corporate Culture

Employees who all share the same type of corporate uniform will develop their own interpretation of the company’s culture.

This type of culture will spill over into their interactions with potential customers, and it’ll become the vibe that makes your company unique.

It’ll be easier for employees to associate with the values and goals of the company if they feel like a part of the company. Corporate uniforms go a long way to establishing this type of employee engagement.

Customer Merchandise

While employees might wear specific corporate shirts, a separate range of clothing can be branded for customers. These clothes can include t-shirts, polo shirts or even caps with the company logo or slogan printed on them.

These clothes can be used to promote your brand on promotion days or as novelty gifts to loyal customers. Customers who enjoy the products on offer from the brand will proudly wear the merchandise.

Final Thought

Corporate uniforms, often in the form of business shirts, are an important aspect of brand identity. Making use of the right design and colour can go a long way toward enhancing your brand.

Branded shirts are an effective way to create maximum exposure and create brand awareness. Let your employees advertise your brand wherever they go and in the long run, increase your company’s revenue!

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