The Difference Between Vinyl and Aluminum Replacement Windows Niagara Falls

There are better choices of replacement windows Niagara Falls materials today than in the past. Homeowners can choose a material, finish, and style that they love. Aluminum and vinyl are becoming the most common material nowadays, as opposed to wood which was the standard material back then.

Windows made of these materials are durable and affordable and can withstand harsh climatic conditions. These characteristics make it hard for homeowners to choose between the two materials. To help you with your selection, we will look at the differences between vinyl and aluminum windows and doors in Niagara Falls.

1. Vinyl Windows Have A Traditional Look, Unlike Aluminum

 Vinyl and aluminum windows Niagara Falls are available in many styles, like single and double-hung windows, casement, and awning windows. You can also get a window painted into a color of your choice. However, vinyl frames can be stained into wood finishes, making them more common because of the wood-finish demand. This makes the windows resemble wood windows but with better characteristics than those of wood.

Having the wood coat on aluminum window frames would not look really like it does on vinyl. The frames are thinner and have a smoother finishing. The windows are primarily made for a modern appearance that can be better suitable for contemporary architectural styles.

2. Vinyl Frames Are Dent And Corrosion Resistant

Although these two frames are sturdy and durable, vinyl is more robust than aluminum window frames. Aluminum easily chips and dents, which makes the windows less durable. These windows are also not best for coastal houses because the coast’s high moisture and salt concentration cause corrosion, which weakens the window with time. Aluminum shows its damages to scratches and chips by exposing the underneath metal.

3. Large Aluminum Window Frames Are Strong

Homeowners with large windows go for aluminum frames because they are more robust with large windows. This also makes them more impact resistant, which is essential for people living in regions with harsh climates. Buying large vinyl impact-resistant windows Niagara Falls could cost you more than aluminum windows.

4. Less Maintenance For Vinyl Windows and doors Niagara Falls

One of the common characteristics of vinyl is that it is easy and cheap to maintain. Vinyl frames do not fade or rust, so they don’t need to be repainted. When stained, you can clean them using a dump cloth with clean water. However, we don’t mean to say that aluminum windows are high maintenance. These window frames are prone to rust and corrosion, so you must clean them using a special aluminum cleaner. You should also color them to cover the rusting areas.

5. Vinyl Windows Are Better Insulators

Vinyl door and window frames are specially made with constituents with high insulating properties, which are preferred for improving energy efficiency in your home. The window frames prevent energy loss through the insulated surface, and the entire window too. Aluminum’s energy efficiency is not as strong as vinyl because, naturally, aluminum conducts heat. This causes heat exchange in your home, which can lead to a rise in energy bills. As such, when it comes to insulation, vinyl beats aluminum.

6. Vinyl Frames Are More Affordable

Manufacturers place different prices on their windows and doors Niagara Falls, but aluminum costs more than vinyl. You could pay $1000 more for six aluminum windows than if you were buying vinyl. Their installation cost is also higher, and the windows are more complex to install, meaning you can hardly DIY.

On the other hand, vinyl is cheaper and easier to install. You can get more windows at a lower price, and they come with favorable characteristics. Vinyl frames are also simpler to install than aluminum, making the installation cost less and easier for a DIY.

7. Vinyl Frames Have Fewer Options Of Styles

You could be a little bit disappointed if you are looking for style in vinyl windows because this material is more complicated to manipulate into styles than aluminum. Vinyl is also hard to shape. Aluminum windows Niagara Falls are available in a range of styles and designs, giving homeowners a wider choice. However, you can pay a window manufacturer extra to custom make a vinyl window for you.

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