Best Places in Colorado to Road Trip in the Fall

When the leaves start to fall on the road to fall tours and travel is upon us. Colorado is definitely a place to enjoy the natural beauty of this beautiful state. The road trip in the fall can be the perfect way to see many beautiful sights. Traveling in the fall brings many wonderful memories of family and friends. Here are some of the best places in Colorado to road trip in the fall.

Durango, CO There is an old mining town here that has a lot of history. This route is the “old fashioned” route. You will get to see many of the old mining towns that are now only used for tourist business. It is a very fun and entertaining route to take. It goes through some of the mines. There are plenty of great things to do on this route.

Leadville, CO This is another great fall route. There are tons of great things to do in this town. You can see all of the hot springs that are so popular around this time of year. There are also many different outdoor activities that you can participate in. Traveling in the fall will allow you to experience all that the area has to offer. There is nothing more relaxing than spending some time in warm fall weather.

Canon City, CO There are some great attractions in Canon City. This is the main town in the canyon. When you take a road trip, you will be able to see some of the most amazing scenery. This town was one of the first places settlers came to. Take your camera and take some photos of some of the most incredible Fall foliage that is out there.

Broomfield, CO This is a very large town that is full of history. You will be able to visit historical sites and go on a road trip right through the towns. You may even get to visit one of the many ghost towns in the area. When taking a road trip in the Fall, it will be even more spectacular because of the many falls that are available. There are several trickling streams where you can easily cool off from the heat of Fall.

Fort Collins, CO This is a great town to take a road trip through in the Fall. Many Colorado homes are close to a river or have access to a river. Once you reach the point where you will have water near you can set up camp and enjoy hiking, swimming, and fishing. This is a popular spot for hiking during the Fall.

Golden, CO This city was built around an old gold mine. There are many great historical sites to see. The gold mine closed in the 1980’s but the town has not lost its beauty. The mountains that surround the city make an ideal place to take a hike through the Fall.

Canon City, CO This is the southernmost town in Colorado. The route that you take will give you many beautiful views of the Continental Divide. You can expect to encounter some wildlife on your road trip through this area. The route that you take through Canon City should have many car dealerships along the way and a variety of restaurants. The scenery here is beautiful and the weather is mostly pleasant.

You will be able to see a lot of the same historical buildings that you would find in the two cities. The main thing you will notice here is that there are fewer people walking around due to the hot summer months. However, during the fall it gets cooler and people start coming out of the woods to get some sun. During this time of the year, many people like to road trip around and see the changing of the leaves. People drive through the mountains here on their way to the Continental Divide. The route that you take through the city is very nice with plenty of mountain streams to drink. This route is much nicer than some of the other routes. The climate here is also quite nice.

These popular road trip destinations are among the few that are very scenic and serene. The scenery in this town is quite spectacular with plenty of old buildings that have been restored. The most popular part of town is actually the historic district, which includes the Old Town Square, State Capitol, and the Theatre District. Plus if you are into history then this is definitely the place to go to.

If you are planning a road trip just remember to get your car ready. Having the regular maintenance on it will ensure safety on your trip. Even if you have a used car, it may be a good idea to invest in a used car warranty, which will protect your pockets in the event of a mechanical breakdown. Just keeping up with regular maintenance is important on any car. While you are out traveling through Colorado, you don’t want your trip ruined due to some unforeseen but preventable circumstances.

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