Understanding the Different Types of Pallet Trucks as Reliable Material Handling Solutions

With a pallet truck, you can manage pallets in warehouses or manufacturing units by lifting and moving them from one place to another. As an essential equipment, it plays a significant role in the logistics process, which involves loading and unloading, and transporting of materials to vehicles at a short distance.

A pallet truck, which is a basic type of forklift, is designed to move heavy palletised loads in a warehouse environment. Called a pallet pump or pallet jack, this horizontal stacking equipment is used in a wide range of applications that lead to reduced working time and efforts. A pallet truck comes in different types, ranging from manual pallet jacks to electric rider pallet trucks, suitable for any pallet-handling application.

Here are some common types of pallet trucks that offer effective solutions to manoeuvre heavy loads in manufacturing units, distribution centres and warehouses.

1. Manual Pallet Trucks

This type of pallet truck is designed for easy, smooth and effective handling of pallets. Using a manual pallet jack would significantly reduce operator fatigue and increase efficiency. Its solid construction with steel used at critical stress points gives a long-lasting performance.

Manual pallet jacks can carry loads up to 2,500 kilograms and raise the lifting forks up to 200 mm, thus increasing efficiency in repeated material handling operations. With powered scissor lift, a hand pallet truck can raise up to 800 mm, avoiding unnecessary human heavy lifting and bending.

2. Heavy-Duty Pallet Trucks

With a heavy-duty pallet truck, you can expect exceptional performance, even in the toughest environment. The drive motor is built to deliver high torque, unparalleled performance and excellent reliability when carrying loads up to 3,600 kg. Heavy-duty pallet trucks are designed using robust components to offer high durability and reliability. They also help meet specific environmental requirements or applications with high voltage electrical system using transistor or resistor controllers. 

3. Electric Pallet Trucks

They are made to handle any type of application with little operator effort. An electric pallet truck is crafted to lift heavy loads, endure impacts, manoeuvre expertly in tight spaces and deliver power when required. It’s majorly used in moving materials in heavy manufacturing and warehouse environments. With the high lifting forks, you can use electric pallet trucks even in loading cargo at the dock or stocking retail shelves.

The undercarriage and handle are built with ruggedness in mind to withstand constant heavy jolts during loading and unloading of pallets. An electric pallet truck is known for its high durability, exceptional performance and high reliability. The better uptime and longer service life make it the best choice for most heavy applications.

4. Walkie Rider Pallet Trucks

They are electric-powered pallet trucks engineered to offer superior performance in tough environments. Walkie rider pallet trucks are best suitable for moving goods at a dock, distribution centre, or warehouse. Their components include powerful drive motors, heavy-gauge steel, robust parts and traction control systems to provide excellent durability and performance.

Their features make them one of the most reliable solutions to the material handling problems faced in industries, such as food storage, retail outlets, manufacturing units, warehousing and cold storage. They can handle heavy loads between 3,600 and 3,800 kg and raise the forklift to a maximum height of 235 mm.

Your choice of a pallet truck depends on your requirement or application. By choosing the right material handling equipment, not only will you streamline your logistics process, but also improve the performance, productivity and safety at the shop floor.

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