How to Ensure Online Safety for Your Kids with Famisafe?

Do you want to make sure whether your children reached the school on time or do you want to track their live location so that you can feel safe about them? Well, the answer to this question is always a big Yes!

The time of letting your children roam freely has gone. Nowadays, you cannot let your kids go anywhere unobserved from your watchful eyes. This thought of allowing your kids to walk anywhere without knowing their exact location is scary. That is why parents prefer to choose online safety for their kids.

Importance of Online Safety of Kids

With this, it might be clear that parenting is not easy as it also has some challenging blocks. With the invention of phone locater, it has become easy for parents to keep a track of their kids’ location. You can easily track phone location of your kids to ensure their safety. Regardless, location sharing has huge benefits like being a parent you can track your kids in real-time.

You can provide your kids with smartphones to observe their location as young kids can easily get lost. Moreover, monitoring the safety of your kids is crucial to prevent them from unwanted mishaps or abuses.

Solutions to Track the Location of your Kids Online

“I get worried for my mischievous kids, what should I do?”

If this is the same thing that revolves in your mind, then don’t worry. Every parent nowadays, whether their children are wicked or not, is worried about their safety. It is normal to have concerns about your child’s safety and location. However, still not taking any step and letting this go is not normal. The better solution is to get out of this situation and remain free-minded by knowing how to use a mobile location tracker. This can be done by using reliable parental control applications, like FamiSafe. It is a perfect solution for parents to guard their kids against unwanted risk.

How to use FamiSafe to keep your kids’ safety online

FamiSafe has a feature to track devices, and it sends you real-time alerts whenever your child leaves a specific area or geofence. WIth the FamiSafe, you don’t have to call your kids every time because it can grasp the location and track the phone. Check the steps below and see how easy it is to track their locations with Famisafe:

Step1: Get Famisafe from App Store or Google Play.Then create a Wondershare account and log in with that.

Step 2: Install it on your own and kids’ device. After completing the setup process, FamiSafe would display a one-time generated code that you can later use to pair both the devices.

Step3: Connect all the devices from Famisafe, as with it you can check the real-time location of your kids and can set safe geofences like their school and other classes

Step4: It gives you an alert when your kid goes out from the set geofences. Most importantly, the location remains encrypted.

How FamiSafe parental Control Application helps parents

The FamiSafe app is a reliable and fully-featured application that allows parents to approve and block content of various types. It allows parents to fulfil all their responsibilities by doing digital parenting remotely. However, being away, parents can still keep an eye on them. FamiSafe has made parenting an easier task.

  • You, being a parent, can set a specific limit on your child’s device which will eventually lead to good digital habits.
  • Parents can monitor the location, as FamiSafe works as a phone locator.
  • Famisafe can help parents to choose which content to display and which not.
  • Parents can set a schedule for kids on YouTube, TikTok to build healthy watching habits.
  • It allows parents to note down the screen usage time without nagging in front of their child to leave the phone.
  • FamiSafe gives parents access to any time block and unblocks kids’ devices remotely.

With the increasing digitalization, parents face the stiff challenge of controlling the digital assets of their children. However, with the FamiSafe App, you can filter web content, block irrelevant videos that can have a negative impact, and do many other things.

Pricing Plans of FamiSafe

For Family

Monthly plan

As per the prices are concerned, the FamiSafe Application costs $10.99 per month. You can anytime cancel the subscription. For connection, add $1 extra for a month. This monthly plan can protect 5 devices at a time.

Yearly plan

If you opt for the annual plan, its cost is $60.99/year (12 months) (automatic renewal and can cancel anytime). Add $1 for geonection for a month but renew it for $2/ month. This plan can protect 10 devices.

Quarterly plan

It costs $20.99/ quarter with automatic renewal and cancellation at any time. Add $1/month for geonection and later on $2 /month for renewal.

For School (support 11-20 devices)

$ 39.98/month

$119.98/ quarterly

$239.98/ yearly

These pricing plans contain all the features.


Lastly, FamiSafe is helpful for parents as it can help you monitor the cell phone location tracker.  Gone are those days when kids used to stop and see parents seizing their phones. Nowadays, it won’t sound realistic. So, rather than this, use the application to block irrelevant content.

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