How to do SEO for Video

Videos are quickly becoming the preferred medium online, with a significant percentage choosing to watch a video rather than reading a thousand-word article.

If your website, social media or YouTube channel has videos you’d like to appear on Google search, here are 5 things you can do.

First, Update the Video’s Relevant Information

To optimize your videos you can turn to SEO Canberra so everything’s done for you. Also, you can start tweaking the little things that can make you appear on Google and other search engines’ maps.

Do the following things Immediately to get a nice Boost in Rankings:

  • Add the keywords you want into the title
  • Integrate keywords and fill in the video description
  • Put in 5 to 8 video tags
  • Create a sitemap and metadata

Then, Share and Show Off on Social Media

For existing videos that are already well-crafted, you can make it more visible to people who might find it useful or interesting.

A good SEO Cairns agency allows you more exposure and thus brings your brand closer to your preferred audience. They can handle social media affairs and link relevant video links to posts and comments.

Aside from posting on your business or brand page you can send it to email subscribers, influencers and employees so they can share it with others. Don’t forget to ask them to subscribe or share it to other people to have a greater chance of it going viral.

Focus on Creating Superb Content

Google and other big search engines are taking an organic approach to search, which means they’re bringing forward the best content, or the ones that are really useful and informative to their respective audiences.

Companies won’t need to keyword-stuff, or churn out dozens of content in order to catch up with the competition. You just have to create customer-centric videos to rank in Google to get noticed. In particular, you can think of what your viewers or audience would like to see, then go from there.

In today’s SEO trend the focus is more on quality and less on quantity. Just follow the trend and you’ll eventually find yourself on the first page of search rankings.

Do Your Research

Google search engine keyword research coincides very much with YouTube’s, and there are very specific platforms and tools you can use.

There might be a billion or so videos on YouTube, but the good thing is that there’s less competition compared to online sites, blogs and platforms. It might be because they haven’t discovered SEO for video yet, and this means you can get a headstart and enjoy the benefits of a good SEO Central Coast.

Some examples include YouTube Search Data and similar platforms where you can find and target keywords specific to your niche.

Don’t Stop Improving

Now that you have all these ideas to optimize video for SEO, it’s time to go to work. Ranking on video search isn’t a one-and-done affair- you’ll have to keep going and aim for the top spot in video platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and Vimeo, among others.

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