How Digital Signage Can Make Your Office Smarter

You’ve heard about people creating smart homes, but did you know it’s also possible to create a smart office? A smart office is similar to a smart home, but with different appliances and equipment. You can make any office smart, whether it’s private or open to the public.

Digital signage is one of the most common elements found in a smart office. The utility of a digital display is immense, especially since they have interactive capabilities.

If you’re thinking about creating a smart office, here’s how digital signage will help.

1. Engage workers in a hybrid office

Since many of today’s workers are remote, employers are ditching large, expensive offices for a hybrid office. A hybrid office is a smaller space where employees can come and work anywhere they like without assigned desks.

Visix explains that when companies downsize their infrastructure, a hybrid office helps keep employees happy and saves the company money. In the future, the hybrid office will likely be the only option for many companies as more workers go remote.

In a smaller office space, it makes sense to engage workers with digital signage. With a display on the wall in a small space, the messages will be absorbed easily. Statistics show that digital advertising is remembered at a much higher rate than print.

Digital signage is a powerful IoT tool that can display important messages to employees. Here are some ideas:

·  Alert employees when a meeting is about to take place

·  Show traffic patterns toward the end of the workday to help workers choose their route home

·  Display safety information, requirements, or tips

·  Show KPIs for each department

·  Broadcast emergency information, like evacuation orders during a hurricane

·  Share company contact information for higher ups

·  Show meeting room availability for making reservations

A smart office is more than just a workspace with a coffee maker controlled by a mobile app. Smart technology helps organizations improve productivity and support collaboration. Since digital communication is the crux of smart technology, you can’t have a smart office without a digital display.

2. Make your coworking business efficient

If you run a coworking or office hoteling business, you can use digital signage to display availability and pricing. For example, existing customers might upgrade from a shared desk to a private office when they see the prices on the screen.

Displaying your prices and availability on a digital screen will also help people wandering in for the first time looking for a desk for the day or the whole month.

With digital signage, shared office customers will get real-time booking and availability information. You can even use an interactive touchscreen display to initiate the booking process.

Digital signage software can support live interactions

Touchscreen displays can also facilitate a live, virtual interaction between customers and one of your employees. For instance, an employee can be working from home while interacting with a customer inside your business. Since people are doing their best to keep their distance and stop the spread of COVID-19, this would be an ideal tool for your business.

Another great use is helping customers troubleshoot. Say a customer tries to print a document and the printer jams. If nobody in the office can fix it, they’ll be out of luck and so will everyone else who needs to use the printer.

However, if they can walk up to a self-service kiosk and connect with a live employee, they can get help and free up the jam.

3. Repurpose video conferencing displays after meetings

If you’re like most businesses, you run virtual meetings to connect with remote employees and partners stationed outside your local area. Did you install a large display in your meeting room to make these meetings better? If so, your office already has the potential to be smart – with the right software.

What do you do with your display after your virtual meetings are over? Most businesses do nothing; they turn off the display and walk away.

With digital signage software, you can turn your existing displays into smart devices.

Digital signage software will make your office smart

Building a smart office begins with your ability to use IoT-connected technology to communicate important messages and foster collaboration. Digital signage makes all of this possible.

Whether you already have displays in your office or not, digital signage will give you endless opportunities to reach your employees and your clients.

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