Digital Solutions for Room Planning

Room planning can be an exhausting process for people who have never done it before. Many of us may find it hard even to start planning due to the enormous responsibility we feel while decorating the entire room. This is when you have to pay attention to numerous digital tools that were created specifically to help you plan your room without having a nervous breakdown. These apps can show you how your room will look like with different styles, colors, and furniture. You can even remodel the room with their help.

Useful Apps for Room Design

You will find a wide range of tools for room design on your mobile platform. Usually, such apps are either free of charge or cost less than a cup of coffee. Based on your needs, you may start with these top-listed apps:

1. Room Planner.

This app works on Windows and Mac, as well as on mobile platforms Android and iOS. After downloading it, you may use the camera of your phone to re-design the room. The app will suggest you numerous solutions, from new wallpapers or paint to the furniture you may want to consider;

2. Planner 5D.

It works on Android and iOS. You may find it in your app store. The app offers help with the decoration of your room, considering every small detail, from stairs and windows to partitions. It provides you with help with landscapes around the house as well. If you don’t know where to start, check out the library with rooms created by professional designers;

3. Roomstyler.

This app was created for the iOS platform only. Inside the app, you can build the floor plan and change the layouts. You can create new walls, install the doors, and even locate the windows wherever you need. The room will be available as a 3D model that you can change. All you need is to move your phone’s camera around and experiment with styles;

4. Design a Room.

This app is available online. It offers you a wide range of color combinations for your floors, walls, ceilings, and cabinetry. You can choose materials and see how they match with each other. You can pick a specific style for each room or experiment with textures and colors without any rules;

5. Homestyler.

This is a popular app for both Android and iOS mobile platforms. The program is simple to use since all you need is to learn how to drag and drop new styles and objects on a 3D model of your room. These tools are simple and yet advanced. They work well for amateurs and professional designers who want to demonstrate their plans to homeowners. You can decorate the room, and only then add the furniture. You may print out the picture you’ve created.

Trust Your Inner Designer

No matter which app you choose, you have to trust your guts too. It is even better if you have some ideas about design before you open any digital tools. Create your perfect room in a 3D model and check out whether everything looks perfect. If you run out of ideas, follow the recommendations you will find in any app from the list.

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