Common Queries About The Dangers Of Elmiron

Elmiron or PPS is a medication that was originally created to cure chronic bladder pain and discomfort known as interstitial cystitis (IC). The drug has been in the market and used by people for decades. However, recent studies have found that Elmiron could potentially cause serious health conditions in the human body.

There have been various cases of eye and liver issues caused by Elmiron. Diseases caused by Elmiron can not only impact your life significantly but can even cause death in certain cases. If you or your loved one has had to suffer from health conditions or wrongful death due to Elmiron, do not hesitate to reach out to an attorney to fight for your compensation.

Common people queries about the dangers of Elmiron

1. Can taking Elmiron kill you?

The number of deaths in patients who took Elmiron is less, but they exist. Elmiron does not kill you on the first day. However, taking the drug continuously for a long time can result in liver damage, leading to death.

2. What is the main problem with Elmiron?

Elmiron was initially a medication that doctors prescribed to patients to heal their pain and discomfort in their bladder. It was used to treat conditions like interstitial cystitis (IC). However, recent studies have found that the drug can cause severe damage, which worsens with time. It can even cause blindness.

3. How long do you have to take Elmiron for it to damage your eye?

There is no specific time limit found for when Elmiron damages your eyes. However, a study conducted among patients that took the drug showed that you could start experiencing the symptoms within three years of continuously consuming the drug. The patients showed signs of vision damage that could have happened anywhere between one to nine years.

4. Can Elmiron cause permanent blindness?

Elmiron can not only blur your eyesight but cause permanent blindness, a condition that has no cure. Consuming the drug for a long time can result in a condition called maculopathy, a degenerative disease that is the most common cause of blindness in the United States. The type of maculopathy that is linked with Elmiron is known as pigmentary maculopathy.

5. What are the less serious side effects of taking Elmiron?

Some of the less serious symptoms that you may start experiencing gradually include:

  • Dark spot near the center of vision
  • Difficulty reading
  • Difficulty adjusting to the darkness
  • Loss of vision
  • Dim or distorted vision
  • Progressive blindness

It is recommended to conduct an eye test for maculopathy if you have ever consumed the drug.

6. Does Elmiron cause hair loss?

Yes. Along with reports of eye diseases, patients have also reported hair loss or alopecia. Most patients experienced losing hair at one specific spot on their heads. They also claimed that their hair grew back once they stopped taking the drug.

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