Why Should Your Business Consider Cross-Platform App Development?

Many businesses struggle when deciding between an iOS and Android app, thinking they will reduce their costs and optimize their results. If you want to be present on both platforms, you don’t have to create an app for each platform separately. You can simply accommodate both platforms, and save money and time. 

Not to say that building an app for a specific platform doesn’t have its benefits, but when you calculate the budget you need for it and the time required to develop it, it makes more sense to go with cross-platform app development. Cross-platform apps save time, cost, and effort for businesses, which can then be invested in a quality marketing strategy or reaching out to a new market. 

This effective solution is becoming increasingly popular with many businesses across various industries that are in the need of creating a mobile app to better engage their potential customers. 

Definition of Cross-Platform App Development 

With customers spending more time on their smartphones, businesses are looking to capture their attention through different approaches. One of them is through mobile applications, but not all customers have the same devices. Start from yourself. You might have an iOS, while your partner or a family member has an Android device. 

Why should a company have to decide which of these platforms they will build the app for? With cross-platform apps, you build application not just for Android and iOS devices, but also Windows and less popular OS to ensure everyone is included. In other words, a single codebase is used to create several versions of the same app idea to reach all customers, regardless of the device they are using. 

Cross-platform mobile app development allows businesses to develop an application that will run on multiple platforms. When developing a cross-platform app, developers are using the same code for the apps running on these multiple platforms. With most mobile users using Android or iOS devices, it’s only natural that businesses follow the trend and offer apps that are accessible on any device. 

Why Cross-Platform App Development? 

Developing a cross-platform app is not the only way to ensure all your potential customers can enjoy your amazing app, however, it is the most efficient one for many reasons. The alternative solution to being available to every device would mean that your developers should create a separate app for each platform your users might be using. This would augment your costs tremendously, and your apps would be ready to launch once the final one is done. For instance, if you planned to have a custom iOS mobile application ready in three months, covering all relevant platforms might extend that time to six months easily. 

Each platform requires different coding UI design, and cross-platform app development eliminates that need by ensuring your one app is accessible on any device. Also, when developing a native app, you will need more developers as not everyone is skilled in developing apps on different platforms. With cross-platform apps, you can often find just one developer which can build an app that works on multiple platforms. 

Android vs iOS Mobile Apps

So, what is the difference between Android and iOS app development? Of course, an Android mobile app will be created for those customers who use Android devices, while an iOS mobile app will target any iOS device user. Also, when developing apps specifically for one of these platforms, a developer will use different coding and other functionalities that are unique to this particular platform.

That said, if you persist in choosing between one of these platforms instead of building a cross-platform app, keep in mind that you will exclude all those users who don’t own this device type. Choosing to only develop an iOS mobile app will exclude all your customers who use Android devices, which will not be received well and might harm your overall business results. 

In Final Words

A few years ago, you were forced to make this choice if you had a limited budget. With cross-platform app development, even smaller businesses with a decent amount of money can create an app that will be available to everyone, regardless of the device they are using. This option brings so many benefits to businesses that it would be a pity to miss it when working on a new app.

Besides having a great app idea, you will need to amplify the reach of your app. Even the best marketing tricks will not serve you if you decide to exclude a part of your audience. They will not only be upset with you for doing so but will become loyal to your competition who will know how to keep them engaged. 

To prevent this from happening, you should develop a cross-platform app and allow your entire audience to enjoy your app and engage with your brand even more!

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