Why should you be concerned about the safety of your business (and how you can protect it more effectively)

The safety of your business should be every employer’s chief concern. Under this rather large remit, they should be thinking about the safety of their employees, their customers, and the security of the items within their store or on the shop floor, not only providing anti-theft measures but also ensuring that the machinery is well maintained and unlikely to cause any harm.

However, depending on the kind of business that you own, the way that you protect your business will be very different. For instance, a business that is solely based in the office will have different needs from one that has adopted a hybrid working policy and has employees that need to access company resources from home.

Protecting a business that operates solely from the office

Protecting a business that operates solely from the office is something that you are going to have to think carefully about, but in all honesty, is quite easy to do. You might find that at the beginning it is a little work, but this will diminish over time. 

  • Physical security. You might think having locks on doors and windows is enough, but that’s only half the story. Using a mosquito alarm will prevent groups of youths from loitering outside, decreasing the potential for problems to occur, and also help your employees to feel safer as they go home from work in the evenings.
  • Health and safety. You are going to have to follow every health and safety rule that applies to your business, even if that means spending a lot of money on something that you don’t think is necessary. Unfortunately, all businesses have to do this and it is not worth cutting corners in case someone does get hurt.
  • Set up an HR or give funding for a worker’s union. This can make it easier for your workers to communicate issues and have their emotional needs met. This is very important if you are wanting to have great morale within your business and make sure that there is strong communication to help your business keep on moving forward, instead of rolling backward. 

Protecting a business that is using a hybrid working system

Protecting a business that is working in a hybrid structure can be tricky, but there are many ways in which you can help it to grow. As well as employing all of the measures listed above for when your workforce is in the office, you’ll need to protect your data while they are working from home. 

  • Use MFA. using MFA, or Multi-factor Authentication, can be a key way to ensure that if a laptop is stolen from a worker, your business remains safe. This means that the thief will only be able to get a password deep into the process, as MFA offers many different layers of the logging-in process, such as having a door with a physical key but also many different kinds of locks, like a fingerprint or key card.
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