What Are The Green Chemicals in Lotion?

We live in a time where nowadays it isn’t only important to make sure that the products we are selling to consumers are effective and will benefit us, but also that the way they are manufactured is safe and environmentally-friendly. For example, products that are animal tested have taken a huge decline in the last decade or two and companies that used to test products on animals are finding safer, alternative solutions.

Similarly, the ingredients used in products are changing to be more natural and eco friendly. Take skin care products for example, manufacturers are following recent trends and looking for more green chemicals to include in their products, which have added benefits and will be a good selling point to people.

What Are Green Chemicals?

When we talk about “green” chemicals, we are talking about chemicals that are organic and healthy. A perfect example of this is CBD. CBD is a compound derived from the cannabis plant and is used more commonly now in skin care products due to the healing properties it has, for example you can simply get CBD topical for knee pain. There are a number of benefits to CBD and it is also completely safe. Did you know CBD contains little to no THC, which is the chemical compound within cannabis plants that makes you experience psychoactive side effects. THC, in doses above 0.3% is illegal and that’s why you won’t find anything like that in the skin care products on the market.

Benefits of Green Chemicals

There are in fact a number of benefits to green chemicals on our skin and we want to delve into some of them with you.

Firstly, green chemicals can soothe the skin a lot better and be more gentle with the surface of our skin. For people that do experience side effects from skin care goods, it can typically be because over long periods of time, skin care products can be harsh on their skin. With green chemicals, the chances of this happening are significantly lower. If you are someone that has sensitive skin, then green chemicals are highly recommended.

Another major benefit is the environmental factor. As a society we have begun caring more for our surroundings and the great environment we live in. With so many global environmental issues out there, we have to find ways to strengthen the world we live in and make it a nicer place, even if it is as simple as avoiding harsh chemicals in our skin care products. This includes removing pollutants and using more ethical packaging.

Green chemicals can be used on all skin types and have many healing properties. They reduce inflammation, soreness and redness, as well as repairing damaged or broken skin. You are less likely to experience side effects from green chemicals as they are safer on the skin due to less harsh chemicals being used, if any at all.

How To Apply Lotion

The process of applying lotion is simple, even if it contains green chemicals, in fact, the process doesn’t change at all. Below, we have constructed a quick and easy guide to applying lotion containing green chemicals.

  1. Cleanse your skin to allow it to hydrate prior to applying lotion.
  2. Start with small doses of lotion and massage it into your skin, spreading it evenly.
  3. Remove any excess lotion that hasn’t begun soaking into your skin.
  4. Repeat daily for the best results.

Check out further CBD related goods aside from lotions and the CBD topical for knee pain that we mentioned earlier. The market is packed with CBD related goods such as CBD shatter, ee-liquids, gummies and more.

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