8 Games You Can Play with a Slow Internet Connection

Slow internet keeping you from playing your favorite online games? Not to worry- you can play these 8 low internet games and still have a great time.

Casino Games

Did you know that you can play your favorite casino games even if you have slow or mobile internet? It’s true. Any of these new UK casinos can accommodate a round or two, and they will have your preferred game on hand. Lay your bets, hope for the best and you can win a massive jackpot.


Uno is a card game that’s popular throughout the globe, and there are apps you can download to play. The best part is you don’t need a premium internet connection to enjoy this game. Invite friends or go online and compete with strangers to satiate your game craving. The game is easy enough that you can learn it in mere minutes. If you’re looking for a casual game you can play in short bursts, then we’d recommend this.

Candy Crush Saga

Another mobile title that works on low-end internet, Candy Crush Saga has been around for years and continues to be popular with the casual crowd. Play is very simple- just match similar candies and score enough to be allowed to proceed to the next level. Otherwise, you can expend energy to try again.


Originally a board game, Scrabble has been ported over to the smartphone and computers with amazing success. Gameplay is more or less the same- you get 7 letter tiles to form words with, and you lay them out on a board. You can join online games or stick to a pass-and-play approach with your friend or family member.


Chess is a hugely popular game in a time when high speed internet wasn’t around. Playing entails moving the pieces around to try and defeat the opponent, and the only time the game sends data is when you’ve completed your action and are waiting for your opponent. Although it looks simple at first glance, you’ll quickly become engrossed in formulating strategies and traps so you can capture the enemy king.

Offline Games

Offline games do not require an internet connection at all once you’ve downloaded them to your device. You can find a nice selection on various websites as well as game platforms such as Steam. Choose the one you want, then click or tap on ‘download’ then you can begin to play.


Pool, or billiards is an online game you can play on a slow mobile internet. The first step is to download the app, then find an opponent to play with. Angle the stick right and apply force to put the target on their pockets. The first to do so wins the game.


Sudoku is a kind of puzzle and crossword game, but instead of words you deal with numbers. Most sudoku apps are lightweight and only require minimal internet bandwidth. The objective is to insert the right numbers in sequence to complete the missing figures laid out on a grid.

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