Some Important Points in Degiro Reviews

In trading, it is necessary to have reliable broker. Although success in trading depends on skills and strategies to make predictions and proper calculations in making decisions, broker still plays important roles. There are services and features offered by brokers that will be beneficial to help traders. Even, there can be benefit such as low minimum deposit and other else that will be useful for traders because fees and commissions still can be quite costly when the broker is not picked carefully. In this case, it is good to check the degiro review. Degiro is broker specialized in some instruments such as shares, currencies, futures, and ETFs.

Degiro is a Dutch broker. It is an investment company established in 2008. Then, it starts to become online broker some years later, precisely in 2013. It has gained experiences in providing financial services for many clients and it now becomes one of the great brokers with high ratings based on many reviews. In Traders Union, it is among top ten brokers with score above 8 out of 10. Thus, it is reliable enough and many traders have used its services. It is headquartered in Amsterdam. However, after years of operation, now it has offices in 18 countries in Europe. As a broker with good rating and reviews, of course there is no issue regarding its security. Its operation is monitored by some great regulators, such as FCA. Then, it is regulated by regulators in Netherlands, such as AFM and Central Bank in Netherlands. Thus, traders can be rest assured as they are using the services. In addition to its good rating, the Degiro has won many awards. There are 66 awards received from many organizations.

As for its advantages, it provides low brokerage fees. The fees are low especially for the assets in the stock market. This is beneficial for traders specialized in stocks. Although it is headquartered in Amsterdam, it still provides access for open transactions in both American and European exchanges. Thus, it gives more flexibility. Furthermore, users do not need to worry about difficulties in using its trading platform. Degiro is known for its simple interface so traders will not spend much time to understand fully the functions and features offered in tis platforms.

In case traders are not really sure about their skills in trading, they can use the paper trading. The term may not be quite popular among new traders. In fact, paper trading is useful to provide trading simulation that will be helpful for new traders and beginners. In other words, paper trading is also called as demo account. When it is called as demo account, most traders surely know it. It is very useful to assist traders who want to try trading without losing their funds when they are failed. They do not need to learn by taking risks and it will give the same experiences as real trading. Paper trading platforms are common, and it is possible to find the options paper trading. In case of options trading, eOption is the best choice that will give the nice demo accounts and it will be active and usable up to 60 days.

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